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Houston Female Real Estate Moguls Host an Exclusive Financial Education Event for Women

Nancy Almodovar and Glennda Baker Team Up for InPowHER

BY // 11.17.22

You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s never been more true in the financial and investment world with an ever-growing gender gap. Today, while more women are taking control of their financial futures, only one-third of women see themselves as investors. Moreover, only 19 percent of women feel confident selecting investments that align with their goals. That’s where Nancy Almodovar, founder and CEO of Nan and Company Properties is stepping in.

On Friday, December 2 at 6 pm at a private location, Almodovar is partnering with the “Queen of Real Estate Video” Glennda Baker to host a special event — InPowHER. With no more than 20 guests, the exclusive event will feature an extremely intimate dinner and discussion about real estate investing, including small group breakout sessions. 

With a focus on building generational wealth, the real estate powerhouses will cover topics including the importance of real estate to wealth, how to assess and choose investments, finding the right investment partners, managing cash flow, understanding current market conditions, budgeting your project, and more. Creating a path to wealth has never been more important, and Almodovar and Baker are ready to help lead the way for other women.

“I am extremely passionate about empowering and educating women on real estate investment,” says Nancy Almodovar. “More women need to take control of their financial futures, and our hope is that this event not only sparks their interest in starting that journey but gives them tangible steps on how to get started.”

Almodovar says that while there has been an increased focus on closing the wage gap, the gender investing gap is equally important to moving the needle for women. While she initially started her career flipping homes with her husband, she has exploded in the real estate industry. The extremely accoladed entrepreneur leads one of Houston’s top luxury real estate firms.

The passion for changing the game for women has been the focus of Almodovar’s weekly podcast topics as well. Recent guests, such as local entrepreneurs Jentry Kelley, founder of Jentry Kelley Cosmetics, as well as former retail favorite, Elaine Turner have talked in depth about how they built their brands, the mistakes made along the way, and the importance of taking charge of your financial future.

Top producing Atlanta broker, Baker shares the same passion and thus, a partnership with Almodovar was born. After her divorce, Baker felt incapable of investing or managing her finances. So, she decided to do something about it and hopes other women never find themselves in her shoes. The real estate mogul has become a social media sensation when it comes to sharing about the industry and promoting financial literacy, with over a million followers and subscribers. The hunger and need for the content are evident — 72 percent of her followers are women. 

“I had no idea how to invest or where the money that I had worked so hard for had gone,” says Baker. “My followers share with me the challenges they face as a stay-at-home wife and or mom or a partner of a double income household with little to no say in the financial plan, leaving them at a huge disadvantage if and when the time comes for them to fend for themselves. I never want to see another woman held hostage in a marriage or left out in the cold because of a lack of financial literacy.”

“Through my content and the InPowHer event, my goal is for each woman to become financially literate and truly understand their current financial situation,” says Baker. “InPowHer promises to be an extremely special, intimate night and we can’t wait for these women to join us on the journey.”

In addition to the highly coveted InPowHer event, the dynamic duo also has an online group offering personalized expertise and coaching. For more details, visit To sign up for the event on December 2, please visit