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Built for a Saudi Arabian Prince, an Intriguing River Oaks Palace Hits the Market With a $18.9 Million Asking Price and Two Super Agents

This is No Ordinary Mansion — Get a Look Inside 1000 Kirby

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When Compass real estate agent Michael Mahlstedt was going to high school, he watched with wonder as a 23,870 square foot mansion was going up at 1000 Kirby in the posh River Oaks neighborhood. Since he was a kid, Mahlstedt had been fascinated by houses. He turned his Lego blocks into mansions.

This real life palace being built by a Saudi Arabian prince easily captured his imagination.

But where that imagination never took him was the front door of the grand dwelling much less inside. “No way would I ever get a listing like this,” he recalled thinking when he first entered the fast-paced world of Houston residential real estate.

Fast forward several decades and Mahlstedt is one of two of the city’s leading real estate agents, both with Compass, who have the keys to the mansion as representatives of the owners who have placed the house on the market with an asking price of $18.995 million. The family bought the house in 2007. Now, with all four children leaving for college, downscaling seems a logical move.

Mahlstedt is joined in the task of selling the house by Laura Sweeney, who has ranked No. 1 in dollar sales volume in Houston for the past five years. Mahlstedt was No. 2 in 2020 and has ranked in the Top 10 every year since 2016, the latest year that we checked.

Compass agents Laura Sweeney and Mike Mahlstedt share the listing for the Saudi Arabian prince’s palace at 1000 Kirby.

This partnership is new for the duo, who were both independently contacted by the owners. Both Sweeney and Mahlstedt are on board with being a team.

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“It’s just nice having two people communicating with the owners,” Mahlstedt says. “In a house like this there is a lot of marketing involved and we bring different skill sets to the table.”

Saudi Arabian Prince Abdulrahman bin Faisal took residency of the lavish palace in 1986 and later sold it. To say this is no ordinary mansion is putting it lightly.

A Truly Grand Mansion — By the Numbers

3.1 acres of oak-shaded terrain nestled against Buffalo Bayou

10 bedrooms

15 bathrooms with gold-plated fixtures

40-foot high, 60-foot long entry hall

Dining room large enough to seat 40

Enough open spaces to host 250 for dinner

In the master suite: two sleeping areas, two en-suite baths, sitting areas, an exercise gym, steam and sauna baths and balconies.

60-foot long swimming pool

1,000-bottle walk-in wine vault

Two 50-ton cooling towers

45 kilowatt generator

Car park large enough to handle 70 cars

For a closer look at 1000 Kirby Drive, click thru the photo gallery below:

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