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Dallas’ Best Pizza Restaurants

These Pies Rule the City

BY // 05.25.17

It’s not hard to find a good pizza in Dallas, but which pies are truly supreme? We’ve put together a list of the best and most authentic pizzerias in the metroplex, from Naples-certified pizza connoisseurs to stylish new hotspots.

Want it delivered to your door? Cane Rosso and Cavalli have you covered. Ready for date night with a fun spin? Sassetta makes the humble pie feel more glamorous than ever. When it comes to pizza, these five Dallas restaurants are hard to top.


The pizza at Cavalli is so mouth-wateringly authentic, it’s twice certified – seriously. Cavalli is not only the first restaurant in Texas to earn the stamp of approval from the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN), it also boasts several Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani trained and certified pizzaiolos. In other words, the pizza is guaranteed to be delicious.

Order the Margherita for classic pizza perfection, or turn up the heat with the Diavola, made with homemade sausage and fresh jalapeno.


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This modern, charming Italian restaurant attached to the Joule Hotel has one of the best patios downtown, and its short-but-sweet menu of neapolitan pizzas makes it an ideal spot to dine al fresco. Stop by for lunch or dinner and get the pizza with smoked chicken sausage, jalapeno, and chili honey, with views of downtown Dallas on the side.

Something good to know: you can add an egg atop any pizza (a power move which we highly recommend).

Cane Rosso

“Fresh” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pizza, but it’s the perfect word to describe Cane Rosso’s pies. Thin, crispy crusts, san marzano tomatoes, and housemade mozzarella make a tasty canvas for sopressata, calabrian chiles, and inventive toppings like spicy bacon marmalade.

With five locations in the metroplex, and another opening in Frisco this summer, this pizzeria has established itself as a staple of the Dallas diet.


This brand new eatery has gorgeous digs that put it right at home in the Design District, and the food delivers as well. It’s currently open for dinner only, but lunch and breakfast are coming soon. Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t take reservations for parties smaller than eight, so you may have to wait – but with flavor combinations like taleggio and burnt honey, or anchovy and marjoram, it’s worth it.


Ordering at Olivella’s raises a major dilemma: To get the thin Neapolitan style pizza, or the extra thin Roman style pizza? Don’t worry, there is no wrong answer here.

Both styles of pizza offered by the restaurant are delicious and authentically Italian. The black truffle pizza with speck, mushrooms, and truffle oil is a must-try, as is the margherita with chicken and pesto. If you’re seeking a more adventurous slice, try the new Pistachio and Sausage pizza.

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