Foxtrot Is One of the Best Places To Get Food, Gifts, Wine, and More Delivered From in Dallas

Perks and Convenience Make This Market a One-Stop Shop For Great Local Products

BY // 07.31.20

Opened just last year in Dallas, Chicago-based Foxtrot Market has quickly gained popularity as a trendy and convenient new destination. Every time I drive by the McKinney Avenue location, there are always tons of people sipping glasses of wine and draft beer on the outdoor patio — tables spaced out six feet apart of course. And with people now spending more time dining and drinking at home, the delivery-focused store (with locations in Uptown and Highland Park) is needed more than ever.

“A huge part of our business is delivery and it became an even larger portion of the Foxtrot model once the stay-at-home orders went into place at the start of the pandemic,” says Foxtrot Market Co-Founder and CEO Mike LaVitola. “In fact, delivery and e-commerce at our Dallas locations is up over 300% compared to before the stay-at-home orders and at the peak of the stay-at-home orders, in April, we saw a 500% increase in Dallas’ e-commerce sales.”

On one our first stay-at-home days this spring, I ordered under-60-minute-delivery from Foxtrot. Apparently the most important items to me that day, as I look back at my order history, were lunch and beer (a Mediterranean turkey bowl, a Siggi’s yogurt, and a Karbach Love Street six-pack to be exact).

The next week, I realized I wasn’t prepared to step foot in a grocery store during the initial shock of the Covid pandemic. So, I ordered my usual everyday basics like pasta, fresh fruit, whole coffee beans (Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters), two prepared meals for the week (Teriyaki Salmon and Greek Chicken and Potatoes), and a bottle of merlot from their curated wine selection. (Pre-Covid, I’ve also been guilty of ordering some aspirin and orange juice, and maybe a breakfast sandwich, the morning after a few too many drinks in Uptown.) It wasn’t long before the convenience and the small $5 delivery fee had officially hooked me.


It’s pretty impressive how much you can find at Foxtrot, especially on the local product front. Recently, I opted to live out my whole day with Foxtrot goods — you can literally find anything from fresh coffee and groceries to household items like laundry detergent and candles. The introduction of bundles even upped their convenience game. For example, I started my day with a Bonton Farms bundle, which includes fresh eggs, blueberry and pepper jams, and honey. I paired some scrambled eggs and toast with a can of Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew, which is amazing poured over ice.

Prepared meals at Foxtrot are also a great, quick way to eat something healthy. From pig and fig sandwiches to cous cous bowls, I’ve tried a ton of them. My favorite has to be the chicken bacon Cobb salad with some pre-made guacamole and tortilla chips on the side. And something new that I noticed on the app are meal kits. From lemon angel hair pasta to chicken and waffles, these bundles just pack together grocery items you may need to cook something up at home. I’m saving the easy chicken and waffles for later this week when I want to put the least amount of effort into cooking as possible.


A night of self-care is something I’ve been putting off for awhile, especially during this extra stressful time, but Foxtrot made it really easy to order up some wine (with special daily offers of duos and trios of their top picks), gourmet cheese, Jeni’s Wildberry Lavender ice cream, a bath bomb, and a soothing candle. I even picked out a curated gift box for a friend.

Overall, a successful and delicious day with Foxtrot delivery. Perks like free delivery, free coffee, and more offers become available each month when you spend at least $100.

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