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Dallas’ Church-Like Diner Suddenly Shutters, Leaving Plenty of Questions and One Unique Building

Inside the Demise of Mockingbird Diner

BY // 06.03.19

The Mockingbird Diner, the traditional diner that opened a year and a half ago near Dallas Love Field Airport, is no more. The now shuttered diner was located at 3130 W. Mockingbird Lane, and had already gone cafeteria style in the spring due to waitstaff issues.

Owner Jack Perkins, also of Maple & Motor, subtly posted on his personal Facebook page “She gone.” He notes staffing issues as the main reason the restaurant closed.

“We had between 40 and 50 employees and we’d lose 10 or 12 people a month,” he told GuideLive.

The bright white, church-shaped building was very modern looking, but still a diner at its core. It served traditional diner comfort food like meatloaf, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, chicken fried steak and pie.

The menu was pretty vast, with sandwiches, pork chops, steak, salads, soups, Frito pie and more. There was also a breakfast menu with chili-topped enchiladas and egg, omelettes, scrambles, breakfast tacos, waffles, pancakes and more.

From the outside, which I only ever saw when driving home from Dallas Love Field, Mockingbird Diner looked like a cool place. Somewhere I’d maybe stop by on my way to the airport? Truthfully, the location was kind of odd. It sat next to a Quick Trip and Tesla Service Center. I live only 10 minutes away and it’s not somewhere I’d seek out to go.

In March, Mockingbird Diner was temporarily closed to in order to implement its new cafeteria-style system in an attempt to solve the staffing problem that Perkins keeps talking about. That still didn’t seem to work. Perkins also speculated that breakfast was an unnecessary addition. Chef Jeana Johnson also left last year for the new artsy CANVAS hotel in The Cedars.

It’s uncertain what the core issue behind the closing really is. The changes, the hours, size, or location could all have played a factor. What’s certain is that this Mockingbird is now gone.

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