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Trill Burgers is Making a Houston Return — Arguably the City’s Best Burgers and a Rodeo Hit Deserves a Permanent Restaurant Home

Getting The Trill at Sticky's Chicken

BY // 05.10.22

Trill Burgers sort of sounds like one of those celebrity vanity projects that never turn out that well. Think John Cena joining Fruity Pebbles. Or Ben Affleck playing Batman. At least it sounds like that until you actually taste the burgers and realize Houston beloved rapper Bun B is dedicated to actually having great burgers.

It would be no stretch to declare a Trill Burger the best burger in Houston. When you can find one. Which is the catch. The Trill Burgers team — which includes Bun B, restaurateur and NFT food pioneer Andy Nguyen, the Sticky’s Chicken sister and brother duo of Patsy and Benson Vivares and Houston PR wiz Nick Scurfield — is still looking for a permanent Houston restaurant location for Trill Burgers.

But this Sunday, May 15, the Trill Burgers will be available in Houston at Sticky’s Chicken at 2313 Edwards Street in the Sawyer Yards area. From 12 pm to 6 pm, you can get Bun B’s burgers. Which is no small thrill for Trill Burgers devotees.

Trust me, I have two of them in my own house. Both my teenagers left the Houston Rodeo raving over the Trill Burgers they ate there. And they weren’t alone. Trill Burgers sold almost 12,000 burgers during the Rodeo’s three week run, which included a concert from Bun B.

All from a small stand in one of the two massive food tent structures near NRG Center.

There were essentially only two things on the menu — 44 Farms sourced beef with onions (or the OG burger without onions) and Trill sauce on it (if you wanted) and crinkle-cut fries with some light seasoning. A big burger and fries at Trill Burgers set you back close to $20 outside NRG (good Rodeo food’s not cheap), but proved to be worth it.

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Bun B Trill Burgers
Trill Burgers menu is slim, but the burgers are anything but. (Photo by Becca Wright)

The Trill Burgers Allure

This is another level up from Shake Shack. My teens enjoyed the Trill Burgers more than Chris Shepherd’s Underbelly Burgers at the acclaimed chef’s new Houston Farmers Market restaurant too.

The Rodeo is not the only place where Trill left a food mark. It served as a food vendor during Coachella, offering both beef and vegan versions of its smash burgers. Bun B even made an appearance at the burger booth.

Yes, Trill Burgers is already gaining some notice with the Cali crowd. The first Trill Burgers brick-and-mortar spot opened last month in Long Beach, California as part of Nguyen’s Bored & Hungry restaurant showcase.

Bun B also served his burgers to Justin Bieber and his crew after a Toyota Center concert.

But you know the Houston proud Bun B wants a regular Bayou City location for Trill Burgers where the regular people he makes music for can get them routinely. The rare celebrity project that completely works on a food level deserves it.

For now, everyone will have to settle for a special Sunday popup at Sticky’s Chicken. The Trill is back. For at least a day.

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