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Houston’s Showy New $15 Million Park Brings Out the City’s Power Players: One Big Green Step for H-Town

BY // 03.09.17
photography Katy Anderson

What: Levy Park Conservancy’s VIP gathering

Where: The 14th floor offices of BoyarMiller law firm in the Kirby Grove building, overlooking Levy Park

PC Moment: Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett were among those turning out to celebrate the $15 million renovation of the six-acre park in the Upper Kirby District. It was a neighborly affair with the law firm providing libations and nearby Kiran’s sending up hors d’oeuvres. The event honored a 15-year collaboration between the Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority,  Foundation and Management District; the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department; Midway Companies; the office of James Burnett with Natalye Appel + Associates; Burton Construction; Gunda Corporation; and Biederman Redevelopment Ventures.

Who: Levy Park Conservancy park director Doug Overman, City Councilman David Robinson, Kiran Verma, Joe Turner, Cindy and Buddy Bailey, Craig Minor, Maureen Sanders, Dan Hedges, Kathy Lord, Patty Chesnick, Susie Criner, Judy Nyquist, Patsy and Reggie Hirsch, Jennifer Levy, Carol and Cedric Wise, Sherry and Ken Levy, and Arlene Levy.

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