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Women’s Fashion Show at Highland Park Village Draws National Attention for the First Time

BY Samantha Klaassen // 12.17.16
photography Dana Driensky

What: Kickoff for The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary 2017 Fashion Show and Luncheon

Where: Market in Highland Park Village

PC Moment: The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary 2017 Fashion Show and Luncheon’s kickoff event at Market in Highland Park Village welcomed supporters of The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary. Honorary chairs Elisa Summers and Heather Washburne were announced in addition to the show’s theme. Also, for the first time, the event will have national visibility with Joyann King, editor of HarpersBazaar.com, filling the role of luncheon emcee.

Who: Honorary chairs Elisa Summers and Heather Washburne; Jeri Kleinman; Kunthear Mam-Douglas; Vicki Howland; Kim Rozelle; Jan Strimple; Deve Sanford; Echo and Madison Klatt; emcee and editor of harpersbazaar.com Joyann King; Ray WashburneDee SimmonsJane McGarryAmelia Duckworth, JT Reyna, Amy Espinosa, Katherine Coker; logo designer Lynn Dealey; Patti Flowers, Jeremy Lock, Fashion Show and Luncheon chair D’Andra Simmons Lock; Women’s Auxiliary president Kathie King; and Chaplin of the Auxiliary Debbie Perry.

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