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The Biggest Takeaways from Lisa Vanderpump’s Endlessly Quotable Appearance at Dallas’ Chick Lit Luncheon

A Massive Crowd Turned Out for LVP, "Scandoval," and a Poignant Community Partners of Dallas Farewell

BY // 04.28.23
photography Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass

Author, philanthropist, businesswoman, and television personality Lisa Vanderpump didn’t waste time capturing the hearts of the 1,200 fashionable and philanthropic guests at Community Partners of Dallas’ Chick Lit Luncheon on Friday, April 21, 2023. “I’ve never seen such a group of glamorous women,” she praised, continuing, “I don’t know who you are or what you do, but this ain’t happening in L.A.” 

An O.G. Real Housewife telling us we’re, like, really pretty? Hook, line, and sinker. 

Despite being the headliner, LVP was not the Lady of the Hour. That title belonged to Paige McDaniel, CPD’s long-time President and CEO, who was being honored at her last Chick Lit Luncheon after 21 years of steadfast service to the organization. 

228ChickLit.23 (Photo by Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass)
President and CEO Paige McDaniel during retirement celebration (Photo by Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass)

CPD’s Vice President of Development and Communications Joanna Clarke, who is equally beloved in the community and will soon succeed her mentor when she assumes the role later this summer, integrated thoughtful nods to McDaniel throughout the event, which was chaired by Sally Dutter and Beth Thoele. (Even the goodie bags included some of McDaniel’s favorite things, from Cheetos– puffs, not crunchy– to mini boxes of Hot Tamales.)

After a moving tribute video, McDaniel began her tearful final solicitation from the podium. She said she reviewed the stories from her speeches during the past two decades, and one indelible thing will stay with her.

“What I will remember,” she said, “is the children.”

Paige McDaniel button (Photo by Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass)
A Paige McDaniel button (Photo by Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass)

Every year, CPD serves 15,000 abused and neglected children of every age, every background, and every ZIP code in Dallas County. As McDaniel initiated the paddle raise, Clarke interrupted her with one final unscripted surprise. To honor McDaniel’s legacy, funders agreed to match– dollar for dollar– each gift received that day up to $100,000. The boisterous CEO was verklempt. 

The tears quickly turned to laughs, though, after attendees heartily welcomed Vanderpump to the stage.

The effervescent Laura Harris, who moderated the lively conversation (and received some cheeky martial advice from Vanderpump for her upcoming wedding!), told the crowd that Vanderpump was the first Chick Lit Luncheon speaker who accepted CPD’s offer to tour their facility. 

Lisa Vanderpump’s purple pumps on stage (Photo by Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass)
Lisa Vanderpump’s purple pumps on stage (Photo by Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass)

The endlessly quotable Vanderpump endeared herself to attendees the same way she does with viewers: by being utterly herself. A few highlights:

– When the conversation quickly turned to “Scandoval,” Vanderpump called the reunion a “shitshow” before lowering her voice to a whisper to ask, “Can I say shitshow?” 

– Go-to cocktail? Vanderpump requires a bloody mary, no matter the hour, when she’s on an airplane. When Harris said she favored a ginger ale, Vanderpump quipped, “I’d ask to move seats. I want a drinking partner!”

– Because classic grandparent monikers sounded “too grown-up,” Vanderpump goes by “Nanny Pinky” to her grandson. “It seemed more playful and naughty!” she said.

– Vanderpump lives across the street from Houston-raised Lizzo, whom she described as “kind and exuberant.” They like to have “a rosé and a laugh” together.

Etiquette pet peeve that drives Vanderpump nuts? Being early to a party! “It’s better to be 10 minutes late than five minutes early.” (The crowd of seasoned hostesses vocalized their agreement with enthusiastic applause.)

– Vanderpump’s tip for a successful dinner party? “Don’t invite a Housewife,” she said. 

Sorry, LVP, but we have to disagree. You’re welcome at Chick Lit Luncheon anytime. 

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