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More Than a Year Later, Dallas Finally Celebrates the Opening of Its Celebrity Stylist-Helmed Salon

Cerón Brings the Good Hair Glamour to Highland Park Village

BY // 11.01.21
photography Jonathan Zizzo

At last – Dallas finally had a moment to toast our beloved wizard with scissors: Cerón. Over a year later, we were officially able to celebrate the opening of the mononymous stylist’s namesake salon in Highland Park Village. Honestly, if Cerón were opening a drawer in his kitchen and invited me I would be there. (I’m sure it would still somehow be beyond glamorous given that his husband is the brilliantly creative Todd Fiscus.)

Spinning tunes from behind the turntables that evening was Patricia Quirino, also known as DJ Romi Q, in a shimmery blue frock. Thank goodness it was early in the evening when I leaned across the equipment for a peck on the cheek or we might have had some major scratching.

Ceron Salon 208 462_05-16-20_CerónSalon (Photo by John Cain)
The new Cerón Hair in Highland Park Village. Todd Fiscus reimagined the 2,000-square-foot Dallas space as a glamorous women’s dressing lounge (Photo by John Cain)

Gone were all the accouterments one might usually find at a hairstylist’s station. Instead, atop each of the three platforms was a simple black chair with a glamazon gazing down at the merry crowd. There was a statuesque woman with an elaborate updo reminiscent of Holly Golightly a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then, a blond bombshell with a Bardot’esque updo, and finally, a redhead who seemed bored with the whole affair. I would wager Ceron had told our final gal to look that way for the duration of the soiree — after all, who doesn’t secretly adore the continual yawns of a bored socialite.

Spotted enjoying a flute of bubbles in the salon: Jennifer and John Eagle, Joshua RossignolLuis Araujo, Alysa Teichman, Joanne Teichman, Amy Green, and Lloyd Princeton.