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An Insider’s Guide to Paris Deco Off — AKA Fashion Week for the Interior Design World

Dallas Designer Javier Burkle Breaks Down the Trends and To-Dos of the Illustrious Fair

BY Javier Burkle // 02.22.24

Every year, designers from around the world gather at Paris Deco Off for the unveiling of the newest collections from the globe’s biggest designer and fashion houses. From fabulous fêtes and networking events to inspiration for the coming year, the annual event is a paradise for designers looking to make their mark and be abreast of trends, new designs, and the best assortment of items to bring their work to life. 

Dallas designer Javier Burkle of Burkle Creative shares his key takeaways from the 2024 fair and how to pull off a successful trip to Paris Deco Off. 

Édition 1.6.9 for Paris Deco Off.

The Biggest Trends of Paris Deco Off 2024

Yellow is the ‘it’ color for 2024. Think mustard, canary, and gold tones everywhere from upholstery to drapes and timeless accents. These sumptuous hues bring an unexpected, elevated look of timeless luxury to any space.

– We also saw embroidered fabrics debuted around town as well as the use of wall coverings to incorporate an eclectic feel in a room. I love how the right mix of materials brings so much warmth and interest to design, making a space feel like it has been carefully collected over time.

– “Finally, warm colors are everywhere this year — and it’s hard to beat this comfortable, cozy look we all love.

– I also saw the combination of mixed metals and finishes throughout the Paris shows– a look that also feels genuine, original, and bespoke.”

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paris deco off party
Inside Schumacher’s “Night of Mystery” party. (photo by Javier Burkle)

The Evening Fêtes of Paris Deco Off 

Designers love to gather at the annual Schumacher party during Deco Off, where new additions to the storied fabric company’s catalog are revealed, explained, and celebrated. The event is usually held in a breathtaking historic Parisian hotel in a “Night of Mystery.” The entire first floor of the hotel is transformed with Schumacher’s gorgeous designs, an unveiling that brings each gorgeous design to life. 

Another not-to-miss event is the Samuel & Sons with Timothy Corrigan party, which showcases the collaborative new collection each year. Held a few blocks from the Arch de Triumph at Corrigan’s personal home, the dress-up party is really so much fun and incredibly anticipated year after year.

Lastly — and one of my favorite Deco Off events — is the masquerade carnival-themed party to celebrate Christopher Faircloth’s new designs.

Brasserie Des Prés. (photo by Javier Burkle)

Dining Out at Deco Off

Is there anything better than a good meal in Paris? The right mix of meals enjoyed around The City of Light truly adds so much to your holiday — no one does food as well as the French!

I love to start at Voltaire in the St. Germaine. Don’t miss the snails (so French), or beef starters, or the steak au poivre for your main. I love the menu’s signature boiled eggs with salad—for just 99 cents each! 

Ralph Lauren for lunch is a must — and always on the patio. It’s the perfect setting to catch up with friends and discuss the events and shopping finds! 

A newer spot that I adore is Brasserie Des Prés, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the St. Germaine. The lines begin forming at 6 pm, but if you can’t get a table, just head across the street to Le Procope where you can order the best onion soup in town.

Officine Universelle Buly - paris deco off guide
Officine Universelle Buly. (photo by Javier Burkle)

Daytime Shopping in Paris

Paris is home to some of the best shopping in the world, so it’s best to plan a mix of stops to visit both larger showrooms and small, one-of-a-kind boutiques. One of my favorite shops in the world is Officine Universelle Buly — my number-one place to buy soaps and lotions (I stock up for the year!). I never fail to find an assortment of treasures each time I visit this shop in the St. Germaine. 

I also adore popping into Holland & Sherry. Their Paris showroom is unbelievably beautiful and inspiring. I love seeing everything new and catching up with the wonderful people. 

Antoinette de Poisson is another not-to-miss shop that’s always on my list. Her paper goods, stationary, and curated collection of antiques, in addition to her to-the-trade textiles, are always a highlight. Her collections are interesting and have a very French feel — I love them!

Antiquing during Paris Deco Off
Antiquing during Paris Deco Off. (photo by Javier Burkle)

A Designer’s Guide to Antiquing in Paris

Antique shopping in Paris is an experience unlike any other, thanks (very much) in part to the wonderful atmospheres and the incredible selection of fine, statement-making pieces. I love to visit the outdoor flea market on Friday and Saturday mornings, especially Paul Bert, which is home to a collection of established vendors. 

Don’t miss Alexis Allegro for beautiful silver accessories. I’ve brought home the cutest pieces that really sing in a table setting, plus a few salt and pepper shakers for my collection. 

Olivier Franquet offers a beautiful selection of larger furniture pieces. And don’t miss Les Passions De Tom for the best mix of Mid-Century pieces, as well as new lines and lamps.

Hotel Fougere paris
Hotel Fougère in Paris’ St. Germaine District. (courtesy)

Where to Stay in Paris

I always love to stay in the St. Germaine district. The quaint shopping, charming streets, and proximity to art and museums are a favorite. It’s really quintessential Paris at its best! 

Fougère is a beautiful Paris hotel and located near the city’s showrooms, making it easy to take a little break back in your room when you need a minute to rest. I also love visiting the Hotel D’Abusson — I always stop by the cute little bar inside for what I think is the best martini in town. 

Hôtel Grand Powers, although across the river, is also a great option if you want to be closer to the Champs Élysées. 

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