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Five New Dallas-Based Wellness Concepts to Watch

From Crystal Therapy to a Day Spa for Your Mouth (Really), Get to Know These Up-and-Coming Stores and Studios

BY // 03.03.20

In the first few months of 2020, Dallas will welcome a slew of new wellness concepts. Some serve as a complement to the city’s thriving boutique fitness scene, others are reimagining typical self-care with a more Instagram-ready aesthetic, and a few already have plans to expand nationwide.

City Naturals
City Naturals is opening its first store at West Village. Courtesy of CN

CBD You Should Feel Confident About

Opening soon in West Village, City Naturals will offer CBD’s anti-inflammatory powers in a wide variety of different products. There are full-spectrum tinctures and balms of course, but you’ll also find CBD-infused face masks and even dog treats mixed in with organic candles and linens.

The Uptown store is the first from the Dallas-based brand, founded by a registered nurse, but the plan is to expand nationwide, offering an elevated setting where the CBD curious can learn more about buying products in the still largely unregulated cannabidiol market.

A Peaceful Spot to Slow Down

We recently did a deep dive on this beautiful new meditation studio, founded by two friends and coastal transplants. But with the amount of unique therapeutic modalities available — including salt-infused halotherapy, craniosacral therapy, and crushed amethyst-filled crystal therapy— Breathe seemed worth a second mention.

DSC03051 (Photo by Hannah Gibson)
Connor Saeli, founder of Sael Wellness, and Dallas Fitness Ambassador Ledina Esserman (Photo by Hannah Gibson)

We Found Love in a Wellness Place

We’d never blame a former Bachelor contestant for utilizing their newfound social media following for entrepreneurial endeavors (you may not have found love, but at least you get to be your own boss). Especially when that former contest is Dallas’ Connor taller-in-person-than-he-looks-on-TV Saeli and that entrepreneurial venture has something to do with wellness and living “a happier and healthier life.”

Much like Waverly, we’re not entirely sure what Sael Wellness actually is just yet, but it’s launching soon, has effectively curated a soothing-if-vague Instagram aesthetic, and features the lovely-sounding “Sael Sunday.”

River Oaks District

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A Day Spa For Dental Work?

Not too much is known about the upcoming Dallas studio (also opening in West Village), which already has plans to expand to New York’s SoHo neighborhood and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. But between their Instagram bio (which reads: “Your Mouth Deserves a Day Spa”) and the occasional social media sneak peek of the studio’s airy, Goop-like aesthetic, consider us intrigued.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out what Waverly and its teeth whitening memberships are all about—the studio is scheduled to open this April.

The Natural Spot
The Natural Spot sells tea, spices, and organic products. (Courtesy of The Natural Spot)

An Herbal Alternative

The clean-lined shelves of this newly opened Bishop Arts boutique are stocked with natural products sourced from around the world, offering alternative herbal medications for what might ale you. Teas, herbs, and spices at The Natural Spot can aid in everything from inflammation and digestion to milk production.

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