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Daltile Releases a Trend Report To Take Your Home From Drab To Fab This Year

From Restorative Nature to Female Celebration, The Style and Design Experts Explore 7 New Trends

BY // 04.11.22

Founded in Dallas in 1947, Daltile is one of the nation’s leading tile manufacturers. Since the housing market has heated up like never before, homeowners are starting to take on home renovation projects more than ever and Daltile is here to assist.

To help consumers plan their projects and ensure they stay in vogue, Daltile has issued its yearly  trend report. In the 2022 Daltile Trend Report, the style and design leader  outlines seven trends expected to dominate this year.

Let’s see what’s coming.

trends_restorative nature banner

According to Daltile, Restorative Nature is “the understanding that our homes need to provide us with restoration of mind, body and spirit. Restorative Nature means first of all being healthy, not only from a physical standpoint, but also from a psychological standpoint.” With earthy and natural tones, Daltile products like Remedy, Mesmerist, and Harmonist take centerstage.

Daltile’s 2022 trend of Self-Expressionism is especially important after the past two years. We’ve all learned the need to express ourselves, our feelings, and our emotions. Daltile classified Self-Expressionism as “expressing our inner selves, tastes, memories and identities through interior design and décor.” The trend features fun and eclectic patterns, as well as products such as Bee Hive Medley, Keystones, Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces, and Cascading Waters.

As its name eludes to, Origins Exploration takes us back to our roots. Daltile says it’s seeing “a growing appreciation of heritage — ancient crafts, materials, skills and particular historical periods — as a way to enjoy roots and collective memories and find authenticity, a sense of belonging and treasures from the past.” Gorgeous, traditional products such as Sublimity, Scripter, Lavaliere, and Memoir make up this trend for 2022.

trends_female celebration banner

This is definitely a trend worth celebrating in 2022. The tile leader is seeing a focus on “reviving feminine archetypes to highlight historically feminine values such as care, flexibility, community, collaboration and empathy.” And Daltile isn’t the only one seeing Female Celebration soar to the top. “Softer, more feminine design is the future,” says legendary architect Kengo Kuma. Products such as Revalia Remix, Pietra Divina, and Artigiano create this feminine design.

Noble Simplicity is a trend we can all get behind as we welcome the new year. According to Daltile, Noble Simplicity is all “about living with less, focusing on the essential and decluttering our spaces and minds. It is an invitation to slow down, go back to essentials and reconnect with our inner selves.” Someone get Marie Kondo on the phone — sounds like this is one trend she could get behind. Noble Simplicity products include Museo, Vertuo, and Mythology.

For those looking for the opposite of Noble Simplicity, Nostalgia Escape is the perfect option. If whimsical is more your style, this trend may be up your alley. It’s all about “celebrating optimism and ultimately child-like joy through meaningful objects and spaces.” Products like Octagon & Dot, Modernist, Natural Hues, and Color Wave may be ones you may want to take a second look at to capture this trend.

Dallas meets Silicon Valley in the Tech Retreat trend, which is about exploring the interaction between humans and technology where technology contributes to improving life’s quality in all its aspects.” Patterns and neutral tones unite for products like Geometric Fusion, Interstellar , and City Lights.

To learn more about the 2022 trends, download Daltile’s Trend Report.