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Unique New Woodlands Store Embraces Paper, Party Moms and Township Lore — Jen Loves Paper Is a Happy Place

True Custom Products Galore and All the Party Planning Advice You Need

BY // 08.18.23
photography Jen McDonald

In the know residents of The Woodlands may already know Jen McDonald’s design work. But now everyone can shop in her brand new custom party goods store Jen Loves Paper, which just recently opened.

“I have been drawing and doing whimsical art since high school,” McDonald tells PaperCity The Woodlands. “In college I had my actual first business. A novice business called Jen’s Greek Gifts, where I painted sorority items for Texas State.”

Then in 2003, McDonald created her own wedding invitations — and “the rest is history.” This entrepreneur opened an online-only shop in 2008, and had pop-up shops along the way. Her first brick and mortar shop in The Woodlands represents something of a dream come true though.

“I felt like I was getting to an age where I’ve been doing this for 15 years and watching so many women, moms, entrepreneurs, — significantly younger than me — just being bold and taking those risks,” McDonald says. “Especially post 2020. So many people really dialing into their real dream.”

Having a storefront of her own is a true game changer.

This is a shop full of greeting cards, custom gift wrap designed by McDonald, posters, table decor, colorful party decorations and barware. Jen Loves Paper has Bible study journals, pens and stationery too. McDonald has even designed a line of Woodlands-inspired products, with a wink and a nod to those that have made The Woodlands their home.

Introducing Pêche

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Take the mug that reads: “What Would George Do?” referring to The Woodlands’ founder George Mitchell. There are also products with symbols that Woodlands residents will recognize — Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, bridges, the trolley and the mounted patrol. It’s all part of a line McDonald’s dubbed “It Takes a Village.”

“I really am about paper and bringing the love of paper back — a handwritten note,” she says.

Birthday goods are typically in stock at Jen Loves Paper.
Birthday goods are typically in stock at Jen Loves Paper.

Having everything she loves in a real storefront — her long awaited first store of her own — means the world to Jen McDonald.

“This is so exciting to me, because this is new,” she says. “Everything I’ve ever presented has always been digital. I want an open dialogue with my customer. Come to me and tell me what type of event you’re having. You’re having a baby shower? OK, frosted cups are the most popular cups for a baby shower, because they serve mimosas, wine and soft drinks.

“Oh we’re having a backyard barbecue? A barbecue leans towards foam cups because it holds ice and doesn’t condensate.”

Jen Loves Paper Embraces Event Questions

Have an event coming up that you’d like custom party goods for but you don’t know where to start? This paper party guru can certainly help.

“Part of what is important is staying staying in tune with what is relevant from a graphics perspective,” McDonald says. “Most people don’t realize that you know, fonts get overused or fonts are outdated. And so part of doing this for so long is watching the trends in graphics.

“Right now you can see your real ’70s moment is trending.”

It is not just events in homes for McDonald. Charity work and corporate events are important to her as well.

“When I moved here in 2010, I got plugged in with charitable giving,” McDonald says. “Not only was I admitted in the Junior League, which I’m a sustainer of. I also got heavily involved with HOPE Research Fund. And that led to an array of of nonprofit events which I continue to do. I do party goods for the galas for different charities locally.”

The nonprofit work led to corporate events. “You know, energy companies, Christmas parties, real estate agents, Christmas gatherings,” McDonald says.

Woodlands-inspired merchandise - like this What would George do (as in Mitchell) mug — is available at Jen Loves Paper.
Woodlands-inspired merchandise – like this What would George do (as in Mitchell) mug — is available at Jen Loves Paper.

Customers come with different needs, and Jen meets them where they are.

“I have the busy mom,” McDonald says. “And she just says ‘Jen I want pink.’ She loves pink. ‘And you know, make it sassy.’ And then I just handle all of it.”

Then there’s the planner mom.

“The mom who wants the cups, the napkins, the koozies. And she wants the napkins for the bathroom so the guests go and see that the theme carries throughout, and that’s very common now,” McDonalds says. “I’m not only creating the art but I’m also helping with the event. It’s overwhelming to go online.”

Now, you can go to a friendly new store in The Woodlands instead for a true personal touch.

McDonald and Jen Loves Paper embraces true DIY moms too. “They come in the shop and pull together a banner, some plates and candles,” McDonald notes.

If you recognize some of the design work in this unique new store in The Woodlands, there’s a good reason for that. Jen McDonald is the creative force behind the logo for The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce too.

“I redid the logo when they rebranded it,” she tells PaperCity. “So that’s mine.”

What’s next for Jen Loves Paper? While the plans aren’t finalized, McDonald notes that she has a terrific work space with a large counter in the store — perfect for gift wrapping or calligraphy classes. That’s got her ready to celebrate — and start planning more for her new store.

Jen Loves Paper is located at 3759 FM 1488 Suite 450. The store is open Mondays through Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

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