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Texas’ Castle Mansion Comes Straight Out of Harry Potter With a $2.5 Million Asking Price

Once Dubbed One of the Ugliest Mansions in the State, This "Beauty" is All About the Beholder

BY // 04.09.19
photography Concierge Auctions

The Castle Mansion has reared its ugly head again. That name may sound unofficial, but all you need to do is type “castle mansion Texas” into Google, and you’ll instantly find the Zillow listing for the mansion monstrosity at 3716 North White Chapel Boulevard in Southlake.

The asking price for this oh-so-homely home has dropped from $3.5 million on down to $2.5 million. Apparently, while looks aren’t everything, they still count for an awful lot. People may just recoil from this royal-inspired house.

Just last year, McMansion Hell ranked the nearly 20,000-square-foot Castle Mansion among the 16 most grotesque homes in Texas. Castle Mansion was listed as House No. 14 out of a not-too-small pool of 2,000 prospective abodes vying (or hoping to avoid) the infamous ugly mansion list.

So, just what about Castle Mansion makes some viewers want to gouge their eyes out? For starters, the many pronounced turrets that are sharp enough to get the job done.

Concierge Auctions, hosting an online-only auction for the mansion that will run from April 23 to April 25, notes this caricature of a castle features a “storybook façade.” Maybe if the story is a Gothic horror, fitting with the windows. They also put a spin on the anachronistic style, referencing “old world enchantment.” Enchantment is right.

castle mansion stone (Photo by Concierge Auctions )
A simple backsplash would have done just fine. (Photo by Concierge Auctions)

Sure, you can live like a king — but do you really want to? Someone will pay a king’s ransom to live in a mansion that could be lifted right out of Harry Potter.

Maybe, if you’re into eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, four half-baths, a master suite with his-and-hers showers and its own fireplace, a movie theater, billiards room, a wet bar, grotto-style pool, hot tub, outdoor living room and a 15-car garage. Which may just be big enough to fit your royal carriage.

Inside, the color palette is a swirling combination of earth tones, from wood to stone.

Not all storybooks have to be traditional. Or pretty.

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