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A Dirk-Worthy Tower — Dallas’ Newest High-Rise Soars Over Victory Park, With Interesting Neighbors and Perks

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at The Victor, Hines' Latest Showcase Residential Building With Designer Flair

BY // 11.23.20

The construction elevator lurches to life and within seconds The Victor’s immediate appeal comes into view. As the temporary elevator attached to the side of the 40-story tower keeps rising and rising, the entire city of Dallas seemingly can be seen out of the sides of the lift.

This is no ordinary high-rise. It’s the tower with the power to change people’s minds about what views and conveniences are available in condominium living in Texas’ largest metropolitan area.

The next showcase Hines property that will hit the market sits at — or more accurately, soars above — the corner of Nowitzki Way and Victory Park Lane. Right across Nowitzki Way from American Airlines Center. Right across Victory Park Lane from the distinctive W Hotel (the one with the giant W statue in its drive). It is about to become the new beacon of a reimagined and revitalized Victory Park neighborhood that houses everything from a House of Blues to a mammoth Cinepolis movie theater to a Chipotle and just about every salad spot one can imagine.

You’re in Luka Doncic’s neighborhood — and one of the new growing centers for restaurant and bar life in Dallas.

“It’s true urban living,” Ben Brewer, Hines managing director, says as the elevator continues to rise.

Standing on the very top floor of The Victor — which is still open on all sides at this point of the construction — it’s easy to imagine you’re standing above one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. This is the type of building you’d see in HBO’s new show Industry, which is set in the heart of London.


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The Victor makes Dallas seem like a very walkable world. It boasts a walkability score of 91 — and having Victory Park as your playground is no small perk.

Imagine LA Live — the ever-growing neighborhood around Los Angeles’ Staples Center — for a picture of Victory Park’s planned-for future.

Of course, calling one of the most distinctive buildings in Dallas home is its own reward. With Houston-based Hines’ now familiar dream team of Munoz + Albin and MaRS teaming up on the building design and interiors respectively, this is a striking tower where art will reign. Like all of Hines’ new towers these days, The Victor will be dotted with local and international art pieces.

The Victor 9th Level Amenity Floor Seating Area; Rendering Courtesy of Hines
Like most of Hines’ high-rises, The Victor will have plenty of distinctive art.

The art will be competing with the views outside the windows.

The Victor is full of floor to ceiling windows, the better to see the city in all its glory. Of course, if you really want the showcase, impress-your-friends, views just head to the 37th floor. That is where the sky level amenity deck is located. It’s below only the two floors of penthouses and ensures everyone living in the tower can feel like a true Master of the Universe when they wish.

Then again, the ninth level amenity deck will not be a bad place to spend an afternoon either. This is where you’ll find the pool, furniture exclusively from Restoration Hardware, plenty of green, including olive trees that were meant to be a nod to the former name of the street The Victor occupies. Hines officials did not know that Olive Street would be renamed Nowitzki Way in honor of Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki.

No, it’s not being switched to a statue of Dirk at the pool. You’ll still get those shading olive trees. Along with ping pong, foosball and more diversions.

There is also a TrackMan golf simulator on the ninth floor that lets you virtually play — while swinging real clubs — many of the most famous golf courses in the world. Better yet, if you have a buddy in Chicago with access to a TrackMan, you can play together on the same course, interacting with each other even though you’re swinging almost a thousand miles apart.

Now, that’s social distanced fun.

The Victor’s Rise

On the day of this exclusive preview tour, the trees and even the pool water are still missing. But there is a small army of workers all around the deck, getting things done. The Victor plans to welcome its first residents in late February. With rents starting at $1,815 per month and rising all the way up to $16,500 per month for the penthouses, this is a high-rise that should attract young professionals and empty nesters alike.

The Victor’s already building word of mouth, with 500 people having signed up to express interest in leasing one of its 344 units according to Brewer. The actual leasing will not begin until December. But some high-rises build curiosity too.

As the tallest tower in the Victory Park/Uptown area — with heights typically capped at 240 feet in Uptown Dallas — The Victor is an attention grabber. You cannot build this type of tower on this prominent of a corner without drawing notice.

“The neighborhood and size of the project has definitely attracted interest,” Brewer says.

The Victor 36th Level Sky Amenity Deck Outdoor Area; Rendering Courtesy of Hines
The Victor’s sky level amenity deck is below only two floors of penthouses. The views are guaranteed.

These type of showcase residential buildings are becoming a Hines speciality. And each tower seems to learn from the last. The Hines crew showing me around on this exclusive, PaperCity-only tour admitted that they probably would not have thought to include things like the pizza oven (yes, The Victor boasts its own pizza oven that anyone can use) without their experiences at other recent high-rises.

The Victor is not just on top of the world. It’s on top of the latest and greatest must-have perks. That includes plenty of bike storage, an on-site bike shop, private garages available for rent, a theater room with raised seating for a true movie experience, 10-foot ceilings in the units and a pet spa area.

The idea is to build a little community within one of Dallas’ most rapidly growing areas. The Victor is already making a distinctive first impression before its build is complete. Now, it’s about leaving a lasting one.

Standing on one of the mammoth penthouse balconies — which are bigger than some entire apartments — looking out at the distinctive Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, it’s not hard to conclude that some of most valuable real estate is in the sky. This isn’t a shy building. Then again, Dallas is not a shy city.

“I would hope people will say it’s elegant, unforgettable and welcoming,” Brewer says of how he wishes people will react once The Victor opens and they see it in full.

For now, even with the building still being completed, it’s already sometimes stopping traffic. Walk by this corner and you can almost not help but look up and imagine the possibilities.

You do not even have to speeding up the side in a construction elevator to see what’s coming.

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