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Fort Worth Taco God Strikes Out on His Own, Opens Up a Brand New Restaurant in Dave’s Gas Station

Angel Fuentes Creates Guapo Tacos After Leaving Mariachi Dine-In

BY // 06.03.21

Chef Angel Fuentes was the man behind the menu at Fort Worth’s Mariachi Dine-In from its inception. So it’s likely that you are already familiar with his fantastic food. Now, Fuentes is striking out on his own.

Mariachi Dine-In started off inside Dave’s Gas Station at 301 South Sylvania Avenue near Martin House Brewing. While Mariachi just made the big move across town to 5724 Locke Avenue, opening two weeks ago, Angel Fuentes is not moving with it. Mariachi owner Ashley Miller and the chef have parted ways.

And the taco king has rebranded and opened a new restaurant in the same gas station. His new taco shop is called Guapo Taco for good reason. You see, Fuentes’ tacos didn’t reinvent the wheel, but his scrumptious displays of feathery, two-ply corn tortillas filled with an array of authentic meats and toppings are often fanned dramatically on a circular tray. The kaleidoscope effect is truly handsome.

The Day of the Dead scull motif is gone (it moved with Mariachi). Now you’ll find a vibrant stand of  green cactus painted on the wall of the space, along with the Guapo Taco logo, stating that it was established in 2021. Apart from that delineation, Guapo Taco will roll on with a new and improved variety of tacos, bowls, tortas and gorditas topped with the fresh sauces that Fuentes made famous. His Baja fish tacos were included in Texas Monthly’s Ultimate Texas Tacopedia last year.

“We are just in our soft opening stage now — the Guapo Taco version will be different,” Fuentes tells PaperCity Fort Worth. “I’m still working on it.  And there might even be two varieties, but fish tacos are on the way.

“I’ll be adding more vegan options to the menu slowly. Right now, we have a vegetable plate as well as our vegan burger.”

Angel Fuentes Makes His Mark With Guapo Taco

Fuentes and friend Victor Villareal, the chef/owner of La Onda (located on nearby Race Street), shared the stage at a Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival event called Forty at the Fork in early March. This festival has helped introduce Fuentes’ food to North Texas over the past few years.

Tres Amigos, three styles of house tacos at Guapo Taco.

“Now people will have two options,” Fuentes says. “I have created different flavors for Guapo Taco. So if people want to taste Mariachi’s menu they can go there. Or they can come see me and sample what’s new.”

Guapo Taco’s consommé dipped Birra de Res tacos come in either Borrego (fire roasted) shredded lamb, or barbacoa shredded beef. They are what every birra taco fan is looking for. Filled with cheese and grilled to perfection. Served with more consommé for dipping.

Fuentes’ new menu also has the Los Tres Amigos section, with three distinct takes on street tacos. The Guapo Taco is colorful, topped with a melange of pickled veggies, avocado, Cotija cheese and a new avocado crema. The Latin Lover is filled with shredded lettuce, tomato, cilantro and pickled onions topped with a fresh queso sauce and crema. And the El Borracho brings sweet pineapple habaneros, with pico and roasted corn, topped with a Guajillo-infused crema.

Elote Loco with crushed takis on top.

Along with the classics such as asada, pastor, chorizo, carnitas and barbacoa, Fuentes has added some different meats to the menu as well. That shredded birra lamb, lengua (tongue), tripitas (beef tripe), hickory smoked brisket and a citrus marinated chicken all make appearances.

Bowls, breakfast bowls, torta sandwiches and even Fuentes’ handmade corn masa patty gorditas can be filled with any of them. The house elote dubbed Elote Loco is topped with mayo, crema, Cotija, queso sauce, chile lime dust and crushed taquis. Fuentes’ new traditional agua frescas include horchata and Jamaica options.

Guapo Taco hours inside Dave’s Gas Station run Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 9 pm. Angel Fuentes also plans to add some pop-up events at local breweries soon. After all, a Taco God needs to spread his gospel.

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