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Brooklyn Barbecue Will Never Recover From the Texas Pummeling It’s Taking

Internet’s New Favorite Joke Makes Hipsters Cry

BY // 03.06.18

Brooklyn is generally known as a hipster haven. No one argues with that.

Until recently, no one really had a problem with Brooklyn’s reputation. But Vice thought it would be a good idea to add another feather in Brooklyn’s cap — most likely, a fedora. Brooklyn: Barbecue Capital of the America.

No. Just, no. Texas can’t speak for everyone — not our actual deserving barbecue brethren, like Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina — but we feel safe in saying that Southern barbecue is superior, hands down.

Exhibit A: the pathetic photo of the so-called groundbreaking Brooklyn brisket highlighted in Vice’s story. It looks as dry as Houston is humid. The wax paper display features embarrassing accoutrements, two tiny pickles and rolls with no trace of butter. It honestly looks like the work of a troll.

Writer Nicholas Gill’s evidence of Brooklyn’s being the best? The alleged news that it has traveled far and wide to exotic and foreign locales such as Panama, Spain, Sweden, Colombia, Japan and more. “Why is Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world?” The controversial piece’s headline asks.

Gill even had the audacity to ask “But why aren’t these countries taking cues from Texas or Kansas City?” Counterpoint: “But why isn’t anyone talking about barbecue from these countries?”

In typical hipster tradition, Brooklyn barbecue apparently stands out because it is “modern, urban, nontraditional” as the founder of Brooklyn barbecue joint Fette Sau told Vice. Is there a chance Brooklynites only like barbecue ironically?

Vice actually posted this controversial story four years ago, where it met with similar, if muted, backlash. It’s not clear why the magazine felt they should rehash this treacherous territory, but Twitter is not having it. From mocking the Brooklyn version to posting photos of real barbecue, Twitter had a field day.

Everyone from Ted Cruz to the NBA’s Memphis Grizzles have weighed in with mocking.

Brooklyn, here’s a tip: maybe stick to man buns and leave meat alone.

See just some of the Twitter carnage below:






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