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Stylish’s New Fort Worth Hotel Adds a Coffee Favorite — and Pax & Beneficia is Targeting Dallas Next

Unique International Vibes and a Growing Coffee Ambition

BY // 02.10.21

Pax & Beneficia Coffee opened the doors to its first coffee shop in August of 2019 in Las Colinas. Now, it’s opening a second coffee shop — with plans for more. The second Pax & Beneficia is at the base of the stylish new AC Marriott Hotel, located at the intersection of Main Street and 5th Street in downtown Fort Worth.

Pax & Beneficia owners Mouyyad Abdulhadi and Mamdouh Khayat are both Palestinian Americans, bringing an international sensibility to the North Texas coffee scene. The idea for the Pax & Beneficia Coffee was born while the duo was traveling on a train trip through snowy Norway. They are all about connecting people and cultures.

“Our coffee shops have an Andalusian/Arabesque/Turkish vibe,” Mamdouh Khayat tells PaperCity Fort Worth.

Homey finishes like natural woods, and design details including both Turkish and Moroccan tiles present a distinct vibe. The new Fort Worth Pax & Beneficia in the AC Marriott is spacious, measuring in at around 1,400 square feet.

“The idea is that we want it to feel like an extension of your home, with Persian rugs, sofas and comfortable chairs to relax in,” Mouyyad Abdulhadi says.

Pax & Beneficia Coffee – it’s all in the little details
It’s all in the little details at Pax & Beneficia.

The name Pax & Beneficia actually means “Peace and Blessings” in Latin, and that’s what these international owners hope the chic spaces bring.

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The company logo includes two doves swirling around an olive branch. “It’s a symbolic extension of our brand,” Khayat tells PaperCity. “We want it to be a place to bring people together and engender comradery amongst our staff and our patrons.”

Everybody loves a quality cup of coffee or tea in a luxe setting, but it’s Pax & Beneficia’s attention to detail that truly sets it apart.

At Pax & Beneficia, you can enjoy a Mediterranean avocado toast ― topped with mashed avocado, feta cheese, grape tomatoes and micro greens. Or for a decidedly Middle Eastern spin on breakfast, you can also nosh on tangy labneh and za’atar toast, or a za’atar seasoned feta toast.

In an unexpected twist, you can even get a crunchy Belgian liege waffle with traditional caramelized sugar pearls in the dough.

Pax & Beneficia Coffee – Rose latte with rose syrup garnished with rose petals
Rose latte with rose syrup garnished with rose petals.

Specialty drinks include one dubbed Sunshine in a Cup. This is as an espresso-based drink with lavender and vanilla syrups, brightened by a bit of lemon rind. There is also Rosella Iced Tea (which can be enjoyed hot as well), a delightful herbal blend of hibiscus tea, lemongrass and licorice.

Pax & Beneficia’s traditional Turkish coffee, infused with a touch of cardamom is still something of a rare treat in North Texas. It is served sans sugar, but you can certainly sweeten yours.

The house beans at Pax & Beneficia are sourced from Texas-based Merit Coffee Co., and many of its specialty syrups like the rosemary, lavender, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and mint are made in-house.

Dallas will get a taste next. Pax & Beneficia plans to open its third location in Dallas’ Victory Park soon. It will hold court at 1700 Cedar Springs, just blocks from Klyde Warren Park. This will be a smaller format shop, at around 500 square feet.

It will have the same full menu, located inside a soon-to-open primary care center called Well Health. The new construction timeline should allow for an opening in the next two or three months.

Pax & Beneficia’s distinctive coffee is spreading. That’s win for bean lovers.

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