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Serious Patio Power — 6 Texas Districts With Endless Outdoor Dining

Midway's Texas Mixed-Use Centers Truly Appreciate Patios

BY // 05.29.21

Sunny skies, warmer weather and longer days can only mean one thing. It’s officially patio season in Texas. After a trying winter in Texas and a short spring, it’s time for cool drinks, innovative menus and plenty of time outdoors.

Some of the best patios in Texas can be found at Midway mixed-use developments. Patio culture is an important element of every Midway district by design. Midway has required restaurants in its developments to have patios long before they became anything of a trend. Those patios became important business boosters — and lifesavers during COVID.

Many are not just ordinary patios either. These outdoor spaces are thoughtfully designed to maximize views. Take the waterfront scenery at Raffa’s Waterfront Grill in Kings Harbor or the green plaza that stretches in front of bellagreen at CITYCENTRE.

Lacee Jacobs, Midway Vice President of Strategic Leasing + Advisory, loves to see bustling patios filled with diners enjoying good food and the outdoors. 

“Patios are the pulse of the project,” Jacobs says. “Seeing a lively patio immediately encourages passersby to stop and join in. We encourage all our restaurants and cafes to activate their outdoor space.

“Especially since we take such great care in the placement of each in the design and development phase.”

Here are some Midway patios you’ll definitely want to check out:


The newly renovated downtown destination mixes the best of culture and creativity with innovative work and play complex includes great outdoor areas for soaking up the fresh air.  The delicious M&S Seafood | Steaks | Oysters has a newly renovated patio overlooking a lawn area. For those looking to enjoy a picnic style experience, patrons can order to-go and enjoy fresh seafood and steaks. The exceptional set up is the best of open air dining.


You’ll find patio perfection around every CITYCENTRE corner. The vibrant mixed-use center is home to 27 different restaurants and cafes, many featuring outdoor spaces ideal for sunny lunches, happy hours and romantic dinners.  

Head to the expansive green space in the heart of CITYCENTRE, and you’ll find patios galore. Yard House, bellagreen and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (opening soon) hug the Plaza, which is always abuzz with activity. Just across the street, Cyclone Anaya’s offers another view of the Plaza from its patio. Throughout CITYCENTRE, you’ll find patios at Brio Italian Grille, The Tasting Room, Sweet Paris, Cyclone Anaya’s, Radio Milano, Sweet, Hopdoddy, Yi Peng, Fellini Cafe, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, and an elevated view from  balcony patios at RA Sushi and Eddie V’s.

The BellaGreen patio overlooks The Plaza at CITYCENTRE. 

Century Square

There’s always something happening at Century Square, but if you’re looking to slow down a bit, find a table and pull up a chair at one of these College Station patios. Hopdoddy, Sweet Paris and PORTERS steakhouse offer views of the mixed-use center’s lawn, which has live music at The Front Porch on Friday and Saturday nights.

This is a place where outdoor living (and dining) is truly celebrated.

Century Square
Midway’s Century Square has patios galore. 

Kings Harbor

Any Midway property that cozies up to the waterline is sure to have patios centerstage, and Kings Harbor in Kingwood definitely lives up to the expectation. With more than 5,000 square feet of waterfront patio dining space, this village on Lake Houston gives diners views for days with patios that complement the scenery and vibe.  

Raffa’s Waterfront Grill sets the tone, serving contemporary American food on a patio perfect for springtime sunsets and romantic dinners. For even more patio dining, head to Sharky’s for fresh seafood, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and soups. Plus, there’s an Italian style piazza at Zammitti’s with a patio boasting views of the water.

Patio dining is part of the fabric of Kings Harbor.
Patio dining is part of the fabric of Kings Harbor.

Kirby Grove

Slowpokes in the Kirby Grove development on Richmond Avenue is right across from Levy Park so the views from the patio are always engaging. Talk about prime people (and pup) watching. Plus, you can get a caffeine boost from Slowpokes’ extensive menu (Nitro Cold Brew, Flat White, Cortado) or explore the food, wine and beer menu.

With the park right there, you’ll get plenty of sun time.

Jonathan’s The Rub Thai red curry on the ready for RPM’s Chefs For Paws. (Photo by Michelle Marlette)
Jonathan’s The Rub Thai red curry (Photo by Michelle Marlette)

Memorial Green  

There’s always a patio available at Memorial Green. Feel like brunching outdoors? Find a shaded spot at Dish Society and dive into breakfast favorites or enjoy a casual dinner with friends under a yellow-topped sunshade. 

More in the mood for lobster tacos or bone-in filet? Have surf-and-turf under white string lights at Jonathan’s The Rub in a sunset dinner on the patio. What’s better than lingering into the evening over cocktails or coffee while being outside?

Now happens to be the ideal time to enjoy wining and dining outdoors in Texas, but almost no time is a bad time. It’s Texas. Where patios truly rule. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be at a Midway development.

Want more Look for new waterfront and patio opportunities to come at Midway’s East River and Lone Star District projects currently underway.  

For much more on Midway, check out its new, reimagined District website. You’ll get more interesting stories, company news and sneak peeks of what’s to come.

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