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A Guide to Ordering at Sister, the Lower Greenville Hot Spot from Duro Hospitality

7 Must-Order Dishes at the New Dallas Restaurant — If You Can Get a Reservation

BY // 02.23.22
photography Manny Rodriguez

Expectations were high for any restaurant that will fill the space of The Grape, the Lower Greenville dining institution that closed at the end of 2019. Fortunately, Duro Hospitality was up for the task. The team behind The Charles, the Dallas Design District’s decadent Italian spot, debuted the restaurant’s slightly more casual counterpart — aptly named Sister — last fall, and it’s still nearly impossible to get a reservation.

Both Sister and The Charles offer Italian-ish fare immersed in maximalist designs dreamed up by Duro Hospitality co-founders Corbin and Ross See (of Sees Design). The two restaurants have also earned similar acclaim. Both The Charles and Sister made D Magazine‘s “Best New Restaurants in Dallas” in 2018 and 2021, respectively, with the newest Duro concept getting recognition in Texas Monthly‘s “The Best New Texas Restaurants of 2022.”

I was finally able to secure a coveted reservation this week and settled into a spot on the enclosed (and heated) patio out front. With bistro tables, lantern lighting, pink velvet banquettes, and a towering tree in the heart of the restaurant, the space had the atmosphere of a romantic, trellised garden. After trying several dishes and cocktails on the Sister menu, we narrowed down our seven must-order items at the new spot.

The Charred Eggplant Dip at Sister is a light and healthy starter. (Photo by Manny Rodriguez)

Charred Eggplant Dip

Sister offers several small and large plates, pastas, and vegetables, but they are all shareable. Our server encouraged us to mix and match, and what better way to start than with a light, healthy eggplant dip? Topped with black sesame seeds and olive oil, the Japanese eggplant dip is made with tahini and garlic — giving it a similar flavor to the classic baba ghanoush dish. It’s served with a mix of cucumber, peppers, broccolini, and tomatoes for scooping up every last bite.


sister restaurant lower greenville
The cocktail list at Sister includes the Le Munoz, a mezcal and passionfruit drink. (Photo by Manny Rodriguez)

Le Munoz Cocktail

My favorite cocktail of the evening, this concoction of Montolobos Mezcal and passionfruit was delightful, especially if you love mezcal. It’s not too much on the smoky side though, so if you like the idea of a margarita with a twist, Le Munoz could be your perfect fit. Sister also offers several Italian-inspired Aperol drinks like the Barbi (with Fords gin and lemon) and the Traditionale Spritz (with Belussi Prosecco and orange).

Introducing Pêche

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Pork and Veal Grilled Meatballs

A new version of Sister’s previous beef and lamb meatballs, three giant servings of tender meat come in a cast iron pan of piperade sauce, feta, and jalapeño. On a chilly day, they are warm and wonderful.


sister restaurant lower greenville
The Calabrian Chili Ravioli is a must-try at Sister Restaurant. (Photo by Manny Rodriguez)

Calabrian Chili Ravioli

The pasta menu at Sister is so intriguing, I had to choose two. This ravioli is filled with broccoli ricotta and has a small kick of spice with the chili, but not too much to scare me off.


Sister Restaurant Dallas
The Wild “Boaranaise” pasta is a favorite at Sister in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Megan Ziots)

Wild “Boaranaise”

Even more delicious than the chili ravioli is the Wild “Boaranaise.” A twist on the classic bolognese (with wild boar for protein), this rye malfadine pasta is a delicious treat topped with Fiore Sardo cheese — an Italian cheese made of raw sheep milk. It’s a perfect combination of flavor and texture. You also get a sprinkle of fresh rosemary for aromatics on top.

Charred Carrots

I didn’t take a photo of the charred carrots, unfortunately, but they really are something special. Instead, I’ll try to conjure a mental image for you: a dish filled with several peeled and slightly blackened carrots is served with whipped feta cheese, dried apricot, and spiced cashew. The sweet and savory dish tastes almost like a dessert.


sister restaurant lower greenville
The Double Chocolate Bar is highly recommended at Sister. (Photo by Megan Ziots)

Double Chocolate Bar

At least I took a photo of dessert. That’s more important anyway, right? After carefully contemplating the three options on the menu (a double chocolate bar, olive oil cake, and banana budino), we went with the chocolate bar — our server said it was her favorite. This dessert is a luscious chocolate mousse topped with toasted marshmallow. Make sure to mix each bite together with the cherry sauce and smoked ice cream for the perfect bite. There’s also a bit of mezcal in there if that makes the choice easier for you.

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