Houston’s Own Sophisticated Food Marketplace — Tres Market’s Inner Loop Location Takes Prepared Foods to Another Level

Memorial Mainstay Makes its Mark in a New Neighborhood

BY // 03.31.20
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Whenever I find myself in a sophisticated food marketplace such as Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles or Draeger’s Market in Menlo Park — packed with freshly packaged meals, artisanal cheeses, wines, and the aroma of warm baked goods — I bemoan, “Why isn’t there anything like this in Houston.” Well, it seems there is.

Check out the second location of Tres Market on Joanel Street, the charming food emporium from owners Julie Rhyne and Jeanine Holland, near the former Mom’s Kitchen. While Tres Market is new to many inner loopers, Rhyne and Holland have been turning out impeccably fresh fare for the last 19 years to lucky residents living near their original Memorial location.

These proprietors don’t label the food gourmet. I’d describe it as the sort of comforting, relatable (dare I say even Southern-inspired) meals that taste like they were lovingly made in your own home kitchen — provided you’re a very good cook.

At noon, the place can be bustling with box-lunch takeout orders, like bacon and egg salad spread on challah bread or beef tenderloin on Parker House rolls with apple cider mustard, each nestled with a side of fruit, chips and a sweet treat ($12 each). Chicken salad lovers shouldn’t miss this version, especially if you prefer yours finely shredded and minced ($12).

When the dinner bell rings, swing by to peruse the fresh and frozen entrees in the Tres Market pantry. Whether you’re dining alone at home in these coronavirus times or are bringing food back for a full family, this duo has figured out portion sizes suitable for whatever company you’re currently keeping. The sprawling menu has something for everyone.

There's more to love at Tres Market.
There’s more to love at Tres Market.

I started with a garden-fresh Grill Room salad that serves three entrée portions studded with cranberries, nuts and crisp noodles, along with an apple and whole avocado you can dice up and toss with sweet blue cheese dressing — delicious ($18). The hearty, moist meatloaf ($12 /$24) with a cup of creamy chicken enchilada soup ($14 quart) was delicious.

Other tempting entrees include slow-roasted pulled pork ($26), shepherd’s pie ($13.50/$27), a luscious lasagna ($13/$26/$55), with a vegetarian option, Big Fat Roasted Chicken Breast with garlic mashed potatoes ($24) and a delightful chicken pot pie ($13/$25).

Leave room for the house-baked desserts, from spicy ginger cookies and snickerdoodles ($2 a cookie) to cobblers, cakes and pies.

Open seven days with current hours — 8 am to 7 pm Mondays through Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm Saturdays and 10 am to 4 pm Sundays.

Tres Market , 2620 Joanel St., 713.640.5103.

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