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This Houston Party Has Guests Falling Into Bed — Hästens Turns River Oaks District Into a Sweet Dream With a $1 Million Mattress on Its Way

When Ordinary Sleep — and an Ordinary Night — Just Won't Do

BY // 03.14.24
photography Daniel Ortiz

For the grand opening bash of European bedmaker Hästens in Houston’s River Oaks District, more than a few guests checked their inhibitions at the door. How else could we explain the contingent of partygoers jumping into bed after bed, even snuggling under the downey covers?

Sheena Shaghaghi, Marianna Vicente (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)
Sheena Shaghaghi, Marianna Vicente at the grand opening of Swedish bedmaker Hästens in River Oaks District. (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)

Sampling the luxuriousness of mattress sets that begin at $16,000 for a king-size was an irresistible party perk and so the footloose dove in. Not that folks weren’t invited to lay back and imagine sweet dreams. Just leave the champagne and the tequila cocktails at the showroom door, please.

And don’t cross the stanchions that protect the priciest of the world’s most luxurious beds, which can go as high as $1 million. That seven-figure beauty, we are told, is in transit to the Houston shop, which at some 3,000 square feet is the largest Hästens store in America.

Chanel Alghani, Ninah Caquias (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)
Chanel Alghani, Ninah Caquis at the grand opening of Swedish bedmaker Hästens in River Oaks District. (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)

This level of luxury comes with a serious price tag. Consider that Drake, who recently purchased the Inn at Dos Brisas, boasted of his Hästens Grand Vividus bed (which retails for $660,000) in a 2020 Architectural Digest spread. 

“We’re big believers in Texas,” said Bradley Belen, partner and managing director of Hästens for MadaLuxe Group’s home division. “Of course, it starts with the people. I’ve been in Texas for a year and I’ve just been floored with how friendly and welcoming everyone is. This is a place frankly where I want to be and it’s a great place for business.”

Bonus: Belin met his girlfriend here.

Inspiring the party mood were open bars and yummy appetizers compliments of River Oaks District neighbor and hotspot Bari, the sounds of a Divisi Strings quartet, hosts in Hästens pajamas in the firm’s signature blue and white check pattern, tailors monograming sleep masks for guests, and an expert walking the curious through the intricate construction process that makes these beds so precious.

Victor Mendoza, Sarah Starry, Gairy Natividad (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)
Victor Mendoza, Sarah Starry, Gairy Natividad at the grand opening of Swedish bedmaker Hästens in River Oaks District. (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)

Porsche North Houston revved up the festivities with a pair of hot wheels on display at the store entry.

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