Shelby Hodge’s New Year’s Poem Umasks 2020’s True Houston Stars

Bidding Adieu to an Annus Horribilis With a Tradition Like No Other

BY // 12.31.20

T’was the night before New Year’s

And all through the nation

There might have been hope

But there was no elation,

Other than kicking this miserable year

In its totally unholy and horrible rear.

Banana bread, bicycles and plenty of booze

We ate, we drank and how we did snooze.

We masked up. We locked down

While COVID spread all across town.

But the heroes among us kept our hopes shining bright.

The doctors, the nurses, first responders all right.

Lance McCullers and Alex Bregman stepped up to the plate

Raising millions for the Food Bank and those of ill fate.

Uber chef Chris Shepherd kept plowing the field

Funds for hospitality workers to yield.

In the midst of his aid to so many in need

to the lovely Lindsey Brown his vows he did read.

Dr. Hotez, our hero, on CNN each day

Working to keep the falsehoods at bay.

As we tried to stay home, warnings sometimes we heeded,

Instagram fed us the excitement we needed.

Cody Soutar in a wreck then a robbery recorded.

Lance Scott in New York where we see that he partied.

Escaping to Aspen, we observed with glee

Amanda Mills, Kathy Orton, Reggie Smith and Leigh,

Judy Allen, Estela Cockerel, Denise Monteleone,

Lesha and Tom Elsenbrook, and on and on.

Alas, Mike d’Antoni we bid him adieu

as we did Bill O’Brien and Jeff Luhnow too.

But the sparkly people of our pages,

they certainly prevailed.

Thus, we issue to them all well hail.

To Fady and Bill

If you don’t know them by now I’m betting you will.

Cheers to Chris and Kristy Bradshaw, Lindley Arnoldy and Jason,

Nicole Katz and Evan, Anna Rathe and hubby Mason.

Hats off to Chris Williams of Lucille’s fame.

His chef-driven generosity earns him great fame.

Through Instagram and Facebook we’ve kept up with many

Mary Tere Perusquia, Nic Phillips and Winnie,

Stephanie and Frank Tsuru, Kristen Berger and John,

Isabel and Danny David,  Y. Ping Sun, David LeeBron,

Randy Powers, Bill Caudell, Matt LaFauci and Molly,

Ann Ayre, Vicki West, Austin Alvis and Holly.

Shawn Stephens and Jim Jordan and Amanda  Boffone

Tony Bradfield, Roger Clemens and Tim Maloney

Roslyn Bazzell Mitchell and Neeki Kashani,

Heather Simpson, Lyndsey Zorich, Chef Killen as in Ronnie,

Brigitte Kalai, Marla Hurley, and Cheryl Creuzot,

Bob Schulz, Ishwaria Subbiah, Melissa Juneau,

Nina Magon, Adrian Dueñas and Marcelo Saenz

All three have their eyes and their hearts on design.

Augie Bering, Liz Glanville, Ceron and Todd Fiscus,

Chris Hendel, Paul Somerville and his beautiful Missus.

Marni Greenwood, William Finnorn, Beth Zdeblick and Nick,

Joan Schnitzer, Lynn Wyatt, Susan Hansen and Dick.

And while I could go on and on from here til tomorrow

I now bid adieu without much sorrow.

For my wish as the year comes near to an end

is to get it over quickly and new to begin.

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