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Breakfast for Dinner, José Takeout, and Early Kanye Keep This Dallas Art Fundraiser Sane in Quarantine

Zoe Bonnette Shares Her Shelter-in-Place Style

BY // 04.14.20

I‘ve missed getting air-kisses from all the Dallas crew that make galas and fundraisers actually fun-raisers (pardon my pun, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a witty conversation). It’s a time we will all remember for decades to come and will tentatively title: Coronavirus Lockdown.

I’ve thrown a wide net to the folks we’re used to seeing at charitable events ranging from the Crystal Charity Ball to TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art to discover how they’re faring during shelter in place. They are doing their part by following the order to stay home and curtail the spread of the virus. What are they eating? To help local businesses we know they are ordering from their favorite restaurants when too exhausted to cook a meal after a day of teaching home school. What are they cocktailing? These socials never let the world pass them by. Instead, they pivot and come up with creative and useful projects to fill the endless time. In addition to a Q&A, I asked if they would be willing to play a virtual game of Truth or Dare. Alas, some still have their eyes on a future in politics, if only an ambassador post in some obscure European country. (I’m hoping for a beautifully embossed invite to the embassy in Luxembourg.)

First off is a dear friend: the edgy-chic Zoe Bonnette. Zoe was charged with co-chairing the Dallas Contemporary‘s Spring Gala celebrating the Vivienne Westwood exhibition. Unfortunately, that event, like so many others, has been postponed. Zoe is that girl who is always dance-floor ready and willing to leave a stuffy party to hit a dive bar with a great jukebox.

She does it all with great style and wit — so much so that she made my 2018 Best Dressed List. Check out the Q&A below for a glimpse into her life right now.

Zoe completing her dare.
Zoe gamely completing her dare.

Also, Zoe opted for a dare (I love that type of girl). I challenged her to go into the closet of her handsome husband, David, and put together an outfit for herself. A very Carrie moment from Sex & The City. She delivered more than I could have hoped for. It’s these little things that keep me going in self-isolation.

PC: Your coronavirus playlist.
Zoe Bonnette: Phantogram, Bob Moses, and early Kanye.

What you’re binge watching.
CNN (ha ha ha). Actually, Tiger King.

If your life were currently a reality series, it would be called …
Zoe Not Exotic.

Anything productive you’re doing — closet edits, handwritten correspondence, starting a new business initiative/strategy, gardening …
Art and creative projects like shelf reorganization are assisting me in keeping my mental health.

Go-to recipes.
Pancakes and bacon. My kids love breakfast for dinner. Strange times call for flexible meal plans.

Where is Zoe Bonnette ordering takeout?
Mexican food from Jose.

Fantasy moment: What’s your dream takeout? No restaurant from around the globe or chef is off-limits.
Spring rolls and beef pho from The Slanted Door in San Francisco.

If you were stranded somewhere else in the world, what would it be?
Hanalei Bay, Hawaii.

Have you indulged in any retail therapy? What you purchased online.
Pajamas from Net-A-Porter.

Cocktail for the homebound.

Games that keep you busy.
Crossword puzzles from The New Yorker. One of the art projects that I’m working on right now is a game. I will keep you posted on that. . .

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