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With Flyinghorse 2023, Booker T. Washington High School Continues to Prove Why It’s a Vital Dallas (and Cultural) Institution

Nobody Does It Quite Like the Booker Teens

BY PaperCity Staff Report // 05.18.23
photography Kathy Tran

What: A cocktail hour honoring Neiman Marcus’ longtime support of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and the main fundraising event, Flyinghorse 2023. (Scroll the slideshow for images from both evenings.)

Where: The home of Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, and the Booker T. auditorium in the Dallas Arts District.

042123_FlyingHorse_KathyTran_IMG_4482 (Photo by Kathy Tran)
Pre-show at Flyinghorse 2023 in the Dallas Arts District. (Photo by Kathy Tran)

On April 17th, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, Meghan Looney, and The BTWHSPVA Advisory Board honored longtime partner and visionary collaborator Neiman Marcus for their unwavering support of Booker T. Washington High School. The lucky ones in that gorgeous room are witnesses to this unparalleled and authentic partnership. There were loads of stories, laughs, and milestones — reflecting on both the every day and unorthodox ways Neiman Marcus and Booker T. have worked together over the years, the vibe was light meets elegant, and so very special.

And as if in response to ‘What could be better than that?!’… Flyinghorse 2023 was set to soar that very same week.

With the magical leadership of Lisa and Wayne Moore, alongside honorary chair Donald Robertson, Booker T. Washington High School turned things upside down, inside out, and topsy turvy… anything but predictable!

042123_FlyingHorse_KathyTran_IMG_5872 (Photo by Kathy Tran)
Booker T. Washington performers during Flyinghorse 2023. (Photo by Kathy Tran)

Upon entry, you were welcomed with the whiff of fresh cotton candy and students delicately (but expertly) painted Flyinghorse Wings onto a brand new Infiniti QX80. In the crowd were Sheryl and Eric Maas, Pete Lerma, Charles Santos, Meghan Looney, JoJo Fleiss, Kelly Lemkin, Natalie and Scott Noble, Kelle Knight, Missy Peck, Noel Pittman, Jane Rozelle, Michelle Padgett and Jonathan Merla, Jeny Bania, Rosie Roberson, and Geno Young… just to name a few.

Once the curtain raised… favorites ranged from a sweeping orchestral arrangement of Childish Gambino’s “Me and Your Mama” to a jumpin’ Big Band reinvention of the school’s Alma Mater. There were aerial silks set to Harry Styles’ “As It Was,” a faithful rendition of Chicago‘s “Cellblock Tango,” a trip into “The Twilight Zone,” and a Dance Party in Club Pegasus that raised the roof (and may have broken a few fire codes).

Magic was in the air. In fact, it’s a main ingredient, along with grit, inclusivity, and meritocracy. As it does each year, Flyinghorse 2023 was living, breathing, Flying High Pegasi proof that there are no more dynamic, inspiring, engaging artists anywhere than those from and at Booker T.

Booker T. Washington performers and teachers during Flyinghorse 2023. (Photo by Kathy Tran)

Proceeds from Flyinghorse will enable the Advisory Board to continue to support Booker T.’s faculty and students by providing unparalleled artistic enrichment, financial support, and programming opportunities that allow them to flourish, reaching their highest and best potential.

And if you weren’t there, next year is already underway, with more Booker T. Washington magic to be unveiled this fall. Until then, save the date and look forward to the next big Booker T. night: April 19th, 2024.

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