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The Best New TV Shows to Stream Right Now — HBO, Hulu, Apple TV+ and Peacock Picks

An Apocalyptic Drama, Mystery-of-the-Week, and Comedy Series

BY // 01.27.23

The television year of 2023 has begun and we’re excited about all of the new TV shows coming out. This winter, HBO Max premieres its new apocalyptic drama based on a video game, Peacock gets a new series from Rian Johnson (Knives Out), Jason Segal and Harrison Ford hit the small screen in a series about therapy, and more.

Extraordinary (Hulu)

All nine episodes are now streaming.

I have had enough with the superhero shows. All of the great ones have been done (ie. Jessica Jones, Watchmen, and WandaVision) and the rest since have been O.K. And at first glance, it does look like this new British comedy is a superhero show. But more than that, it’s a really good comedy. Created by Emma Moran, the show stars Máiréad Tyers as one of the only 25-year-olds in the world who hasn’t gotten her superpower yet. Everyone else usually gets one at age 18. It’s not a serious superhero theme, as powers range from a mom who can control technology but doesn’t understand it to a guy who gets stuck shapeshifting into a cat for three years. Along with the help of her best friend Carrie (Sofia Oxenham), Jen (Tyers) seeks to get help finding her power — and overall, meaning in life.


Shrinking TV Shows
“Shrinking” stars Jason Segal as a grieving therapist who starts to break the rules of his position. (Courtesy of Apple)

Shrinking (Apple TV+)

New episodes stream on Fridays — starting January 27

Starring Jason Segal as a grieving therapist who begins to break the rules by telling his clients exactly what he thinks, this new 10-episode comedy series was co-created by Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso) and Bill Lawrence (Scrubs). Not much else is known about the new show except that it also stars Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Christa Miller, and Michael Urie — which is a great enough reason to check it out next week.


The Last of Us Best New TV Shows
Based on the video game of the same name, “The Last of Us” the HBO series stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. (Courtesy of HBO)

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

New episodes stream on Sundays

Based on the 2013 video game of the same name, this new apocalyptic drama stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Twenty years after a fungal outbreak destroys modern civilization, Joel (Pascal) is hired to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie (Bella) across America. Though only the first episode is currently streaming, I am hooked by the mystery of why Ellie is a game-changer for the Fireflies — the rebellion group fighting against military oppression.


Poker Face Best New TV Shows
Peacock’s newest TV series “Poker Face” stars Natasha Lyonne.

Poker Face (Peacock)

New episodes stream on Thursdays

From the writer of Knives Out and Glass Onion comes Rian Johnson’s new mystery-of-the-week series. Streaming on Peacock, the new comedy-drama stars Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll) as Charlie — a casino worker turned detective after she goes on the run. The 10-episode series will feature over 30 guest stars including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Adrien Brody, Stephanie Hsu, and Benjamin Bratt. Interestingly, the show will follow the classic “howcatchem” structure where the commission of the crime is described or showed in the very beginning of each episode. The first four episodes debuted on January 26.

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