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The Most Extravagant Girlfriend Gifts Ever — Dear Boyfriend, My List Could be a Slight Challenge

Santa Baby Always Comes Through

BY // 12.17.19

Editor’s note: PaperCity’s counting down to the holidays with ultra-curated and distinctive gift guides.

With the holidays headed towards a crescendo, the melodious music of the season fills the air. A particularly notable song remains “Santa Baby,” most famously sung by the legendary Eartha Kitt.

The stylish singer is not only an icon for her sultry voice, but for her charming plea for gifts from Santa Baby, the ultimate present giver. In her sweet serenade, she nails the fine art of asking for the perfect holiday gift list. One chock full of the most extravagant yet crucial items.

For this special holiday edition of PaperCity’s Dear Boyfriend series, I turn to the gift list queen herself to show us how to successfully convince the Santas in our lives to give us our true dream presents.

Dear Boyfriend, 

This time of year, you get to be a particularly special type of gift giver. You get to be Santa.

It goes without saying that I’ve been an awfully well behaved member of society this year and more importantly a great girlfriend, so hurry down that proverbial chimney and check off my Christmas list.

Slip this Sable under the tree for me. The lavishly plush fur is an essential for anyone facing chilled temps and the fur masters at Pologeorgis offer a classic style for a mere $45,000.  A warm girlfriend is a happy girlfriend.

Instead of a ’54 convertible, I’ll take a darling little vintage Jolly Car instead — light blue. This sporty little buggy will pair well with a beautiful day and a glassa of rosé when the weather no longer requires me to wear my Sable.

I’ll take a vintage jolly car instead of a ’54 convertible too.

Of course, the most obvious addition to any Santa Swooner’s list is jewelry. This beautiful mahogany chest created by London-based fine jewelry designer Jessica McCormack comes filled with the perfectly curated collection of eight rings, four pairs of earrings, four necklaces and one 3.01 carat diamond charm for an easy $249,000. Like a platinum mine, it’s a one stop shop.

If technology were more advanced back in 1953 when Kitt first belted out her gift list, there is no doubt she would include this Moët and Chandon vending machine. The commercial sized champagne bottle dispenser provides cold bubbly for any cause for celebration in an instant.

Of course after you sign your “x” on the line of those checks and deeds you will be gifting me, I will need somewhere safe to store them. This exotic skin handbag with Mother of Pearl handles from designer Darby Scott is the ultimate luxury accessory to house all of my oh so valuable papers.

I will need a stylish handbag to keep all of my deeds and checks safe. Don’t forget to sign your “x” on the line.

If it can’t be decorations bought at Tiffany, might a suggest a purchase of this hand carved marble backgammon set from the equally prestigious Baccarat? The stylish game will keep us entertained once you settle in from your busy night of playing Santa and doling out my presents.

But also, to cure my craving for beautiful baubles, scamper over to À Bientôt for these festively opulent earrings.

And lastly, you will be relieved to hear that I will forgo the famous last item on Kitt’s list and accept a ring on the phone in lieu of the other type of ring — so you can focus on getting the above gifts under the tree. After all, there is always New Year’s.

Sincerely Yours,

Your eccentric, slightly crazy and holiday loving girlfriend

Look for new Dear Boyfriend lists every month on PaperCity. And see my gifts in all their glory in the photo slider below:

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