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Rise no. 1 Owner Hedda Dowd Transforms Her Texas Ranch for the Holidays

Dunbar Road Design’s New Collection Decks Out Every Room

BY // 12.03.20
photography Costa Christ Media

Some Texas restaurants may get decked out during the holiday season, but one local spot manages to feel festive all year long. Rise no. 1 (in Dallas’ Inwood Village) and no. 2 (its Fort Worth offshoot at the Shops at Clearfork) is known for perfectly fluffy soufflés, an impressive cheese cart, and the iconic marshmallow soup, but part of the joy is your surroundings. From the twinkling, towering birch tree installation and wine bottle chandelier to the charming tea towels and ceramics, everything is thoughtfully layered — and available for purchase.

Naturally, we’ve always imagined Hedda Dowd’s home to be as welcoming as her restaurants, and it turns out, we were right. (We love being right.) This year, the restaurateur partnered with Dunbar Road Design, which just launched a new holiday collection inspired by Palm Beach, Telluride, Charleston, and Oxford, England. Together, they took on the task of decorating her ranch home for the holidays, and allowed PaperCity to take an exclusive look inside. Read on for design inspiration, the key to a festive table, and what’s on the menu at Dowd’s house.

What drew you to working with Dunbar Road? 
I have known Carla [Fonts Hrncir, owner of Dunbar Road Design] for several years, as she would come to Rise on a regular basis. We eventually became great friends over the years. When I discovered that she was starting her own business in 2016, I wanted to support her however I could. I always felt Carla had a great eye and a keen sensibility on understanding what her client needs. One night, she came for dinner and the launch of her new holiday collection came up in conversation. Without hesitation, we thought how great a collaboration it would be for us to decorate my farm for the holidays. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally get to work together.

How did you decide which Dunbar collection to go with? 
We wanted each room to feel special, so we incorporated from each collection throughout. When discussing the main spaces of attraction with Carla, we decided that The Telluride would be perfect for the great room because she was inspired by a Navajo printed blanket I had draped over a chair. We thought these two played well off of each other and created the perfect atmosphere for the holidays. In the dining room, we went with the Charleston because it matched well with the existing accents of this room. It is a true classic and didn’t take away from what was already there.

Greenville-4 (Photo by Costa Christ Media)
The Charleston wreath lining the dining table. (Photo by Costa Christ Media)

What were some of your favorite festive décor additions the Dunbar Road Design team made?
I could not pick just one! I loved the overall classic and timeless feel that their collection added.

It feels like people have been decorating earlier than usual this year. What’s your stance on getting celebrations going early? 
This year, I think people everywhere are looking to find so much to be grateful for. We long to find our traditions we hold dear and want to celebrate them. It was such a pleasure getting to have this experience with Dunbar Road. They brought the true Christmas spirit to the place that I love most. I look forward to blending Dunbar along with those of my childhood treasures and decorating with these pieces for years to come.


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What’s a key addition you can make to make a table setting feel more festive?
The one ingredient for me that makes any table, at any time of year, festive are candles! It’s not the number but how they are placed, the size and length, and the quality. Also, they must be unscented so they do not interfere with the aromas of the food we have all spent hours cooking.

I’m sure many would be curious to know — what does a holiday dinner menu look like at your house?
I love roasted duck, orange sauce with cognac, chestnut stuffing, mixed green salad, with a curry vinaigrette dressing and orange surprise for dessert.

How will you adjust your holiday traditions this year?
This year the adage less is more seems most appropriate.

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