It became such a running joke that after a guest accidentally fell into the pool at a dinner for George Clooney in 2012, the actor/hearthrob yelled, “Everyone in!” And at a 2015 gala, actor Kevin Spacey stepped to the edge of the pool, around which the dinner was held, and quipped, “Oh baby, I’m going in and someone’s going to fucking pay for it.”

As the crowd erupted in laughter, Becca, always looking to up the amount raised at her charity events chimed in: “Anyone give $100,000 to see it?” (She also often sold a live auction item twice when there were two competitors, cajoling the donators to pitch in another prize.)

Invariably, Becca changed outfits three times at every party as the evening progressed (earning her the nickname of “TriBecca’) while guests often lingered in the Thrash house bar area until the early morning hours.

Houston’s Most Memorable Party Abode

Other memorable events at the home have included a fundraiser for then-presidential candidate Barak Obama in 2008 and the wedding of former KPRC Channel 2 news anchor Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu officiated by Joel Osteen in 2017. The Thrash mansion also was a favorite of the fashion crowd. More than 5,000 red roses were assembled in the pool in a V shape for a party for the fashion brand Valentino, and for a Christian Lacroix haute couture runway show, Becca removed a entire glass wall on the side of the house.

Earlier this year, a gathering to pay tribute to Becca’s mother, who had passed away, turned into one last celebration at the home as a host of friends who had partied there over the years made one last pilgrimage.

There are numerous grand spaces in the house of John and Becca Cason Thrash.
An indoor pool is a must when you’re talking about a dwelling as grand as the longtime home of John and Becca Cason Thrash. (Photo by Joe Bryant / Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty)

While the focal point of this Memorial mansion is the entertaining spaces (pool, kitchen, bar), it has distinct sections, including an internal entryway, a series of low-rise bedrooms, bathrooms, a study in the front, a large dining room with an atrium ceiling in the middle, and a gigantic, two-story primary suite in the back. The property also has a guesthouse, called “The Treehouse” that could be configured with one or two bedrooms.

“It’s an amazing house, both on a grand scale and in the little technical details,” listing agent Jay Monroe says. Much of the wood for the home was milled on site, with in excess of 100,000 cubic feet of custom woodwork.

The house has undergone several renovations over the years; the most recent with noted Houston designer Dennis Brackeen.

Why John and Becca Cason Thrash Are Selling