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Daughter and Mom Entrepreneurs Look to Elevate Fried Food With New Pop-Up Restaurant/Catering Firm

Taking Corn Dogs to Another Level? Meet the New Fletch

photography James Coreas

Jace Fletcher spent the last decade hustling and crunching numbers in the tireless financial grind, finding herself in New York City and Miami. The North Texan returned to her Dallas-Fort Worth hometown and is still a numbers gal. But she’s counting dollars earned via fried food sales, with her new business venture Fletch.

Fletch is a new pop-up restaurant, catering and concessions concept that specializes in elevated fried food.

“While delivering the eulogy at my Papa Skip’s funeral two years ago, I had an epiphany,” Jace Fletcher says. “While I had not yet thought through the details, I knew that in some capacity my future would be Fletch.”

Papa Skip is Fletcher’s grandfather. And he descends from the Fletcher patriarch lineage that brought the famous corny dog to the State Fair of Texas almost 80 years ago. Fletch is not affiliated with the well established Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs, which sells those dogs at the State Fair, though. In fact, the branch of family involved with Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs is suing Jace Fletcher and her mom Vic Fletcher, who serves as Fletch’s co-founder and CEO, in a trademark dispute that hit Plano district court.

As a way to honor her Papa Skip, Jace Fletcher joined forces with her mom to launch what she insists is a completely brand new company.

“We have always been best friends, and now we get to build a company together,” she says. “My mom is the operations guru and I am the visionary. We are the perfect pair.”

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  • J McLaughlin - Card Deck 1 - Animal Print

Eager to jump on the opportunity to work side-by-side with her mother, Fletcher says she is also an insufferable food snob and mom of twin toddlers who love corn dogs.

“I saw an unmet demand for higher quality fried food,” she says.

And thus Fletch was born at the beginning of 2019, touting itself as the self-proclaimed purveyors of fine stick food. The Fletcher mother-daughter duo has some favorites they’ve cooked up, including Fletch’s new corn dog recipe of course.

“We are hyper-focused on using clean, quality ingredients and creating bold flavor combinations,” Fletcher says. “In addition to a classic corn dog, we offer organic grass-fed beef and specialty sausages, as well as meatless options.”

Let’s not forget about dessert. They are big fans of their funnel cake varieties. When it comes to events, we’ve seen donut walls and candy bar stations. But Fletch takes the action station to another level, curating an entire funnel cake bar concept, stocked with premium toppings like ultra-fine powdered sugar, whipped cream, salted caramel, Belgian chocolate and fresh berry compotes.

And you should see Fletcher’s eyes light up when she talks about her dipping sauces. You would think that’s the main attraction. She and her mother get the most experimental in their kitchen when it comes to spreads, sauces and dips. Their menu even features a namesake Fletch sauce, which is a French Remoulade made of mustard, ketchup, lemon, vinegar, horseradish, garlic, celery and spices.

So where can one snag a bite of this elevated fried food? Participating at a variety of sporting events, concerts and festivals throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region, Houston and Austin, Fletch is casting a wide net in the concession business.

Fletch restaurant (Photo by James Coreas)
Fletch aims to up the quality of fried food. (Photo by James Coreas)

While the Fletcher women may be hustling the concession circuit you’ll soon be able to catch them at a brick and mortar concept. Fletcher says they are taking over a space on Technology Boulevard.

The pair has set many goals as excitement brews amidst the newness of their joint venture. They are eager to expand the catering business, and opening the brick and mortar will enable Fletch to have a full-time kitchen to serve weddings and birthday parties, in addition to the large scale events they already do. Fletcher says they also want to focus on emergency meal services, and be able to give back if disaster strikes a community.

“We have assembled a disaster relief team that can be deployed in a moment’s notice to serve fresh, warm meals to local communities that have been displaced or are without power in the aftermath of tornadoes or flooding,” she says.

This Fletch has big plans.

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