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One of Dallas’ Biggest Galas Unveils a Glittering 2017 Theme

Are You Ready to Art Party?

BY Samantha Klaassen // 12.15.16
photography Tamytha Cameron

What: 2017 Art Ball Announcement Party

Where: Kincaid residence

PC Moment: “All That Glitters” will be the theme of this year’s Art Ball. Also announced at the 2017 Art Ball Announcement Party were the event’s chairs, local philanthropists Ann and Lee Hobson. The main event will take place on April 22, 2017 and continue to support the Dallas Museum of Art‘s mission of engaging and educating the community through art.

Who: 2017 Art Ball Chair Ann Hobson, Brian BolkeHale Hoak, Catherine Rose, Dee Dee HoakNancy Shatt, Carol HallMorgan Williams, Justin MeyerMelissa Fetter, Greg Venker, Sheryl Adkins-Green and Geoff GreenJeff and Pam Ellerman, and Steve and Barbara Durham

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