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Vogue Takes Over a Dazzling Galleria Store For a Luxurious Affair

From Paris to Houston, With Style

BY // 09.30.16
photography Jenny Antill Clifton

What: Vogue Luncheon at Louis Vuitton

Where: Louis Vuitton in the Galleria

Who: Chair Becca Cason Thrash; Vogue‘s director of special events Cara Crowley; Louis Vuitton’s Emily Paull and Patricia Maillet Smith; guests Courtney Hopson, Lindley Arnoldy, Diane Lokey Farb, Stephanie Cockrell, Katie Brass, Raquel Segal, Terri Havens, and Tana Wood.

PC Moment: Fresh off a jaunt to Paris, Miz Thrash breezed into Louis Vuitton to host 40 of her well-dressed besties along with Vogue‘s tres-chic Crowley, in from New York for the Galleria Luxe Show later that evening, for a civilized luncheon at the exquisite boutique. The three-course affair featured a colorful array of haricots vert, saffron sea bass and roasted rainbow cauliflower, all paired with Veuve Cliquot and topped off with macaron party favors.

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