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How Vito Cammisano, Restaurant Manager at Grange Hall, Does Shelter at Home

The Man Makes a Mean Cocktail Kit

BY // 05.08.20

Up next in our series on what everyone has been up to while sheltering in place, we have the dashing and darling Vito Cammisano — the ever-charming man behind the maître d’ stand at Grange Hall.

Our beloved ladies-who-lunch spot has pivoted while we’ve sheltered in place, offering our favorite lunch items for pick-up or delivery and expanded to daily dinner with a rotating menu. Vito and the rest of his creative team have also come up with a creative way to provide us some drinks via cocktail kits referencing the more well-known clientele, including Zoe Bonnette (The Zoe), Ann Hobson (The Ann), and Jennifer Karol (The Jennikat). Kudos to Grange and the rest of Dallas’ independently owned restaurants, who continue to struggle but have rallied and formulated new ways to sustain their businesses.

On a recent chat, he shared that Grange’s move to its new location on Fitzhugh Avenue has hit the pause button, as the contractors have decided to wait before resuming work. So, if you want to order your Snob Sandwich for pick-up, you can still swing by the Travis Street location. Or, if you want to nibble on some caviar, socially distanced from your dining companion, you can ring him for a seat.

When he’s not at Grange Hall answering calls for delivery, see what else he’s been up to.

PaperCity: Your coronavirus playlist.
Vito Cammisano:
I’m a ’90s baby … ’90s Pop Party on Spotify! I sometimes wonder if my neighbor thinks I’m stuck in an alternative time warp, because these songs have been on repeat.

What you’re binge-watching.
Arrested Development. I would love to be Lucille Bluth during this quarantine. I would have a lot of fun.

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If your life were currently a reality series, what would it be called?
Sexless in the Quarantine.

Are you doing anything productive? Closet edits, handwritten correspondence, starting a new business initiative/strategy, gardening …?
Fortunately, Grange Hall has been open for delivery and take-away business. So, I’ve been extremely busy adapting the business to the current situation. Specifically, the Grange Girl Cocktail Kit.

Go-to recipes.
I’m not that much of a cook, but … I cannot start my morning off without my protein smoothie. Chocolate whey protein powder, bananas, frozen raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, handful of kale, handful of spinach, and almond butter. Sometimes I throw an avocado in there, too! 

Fantasy moment: What is your dream takeout? No restaurant from around the globe or chef is off-limits.
[Grange Hall’s] chef Sharon Hage cooked an Indian feast for my 28th Bollywood birthday bash two years ago. I’m still dreaming of the smoky eggplant with peas and goat with spinach.

If you were stranded somewhere else in the world, what would be your first choice (home away from home)?
Oh, easy! St. Barts! Speedos by day … Le Ti costumes by night.

Have you indulged in any retail therapy? If so, what did you purchase online?
I had an exercise-gear splurge: resistance bands and TRX bands, dumbbells, and the Alpha Project’s weekly home workout .

Cocktail for the homebound.
I’m drinking The Jennikat. The primary ingredients are champagne and tequila.

Games that are keeping you busy.
Rummikub and Crazy 8s. I’m extremely competitive and had a horrible losing streak the other game night. I was not happy.

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