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How Kristen Cole, Queen of Effortless Cool, Shelters at Home in Dallas

The Former Forty Five Ten President Shares Her Turmeric Tonic and Quarantine Playlist

BY // 05.14.20

We’ve been sheltering in place for a little over two months now. It obliterated all of the glittering dates for our spring social season. There are too many crossed-out events to count, which makes us wonder: Is it time to order a new Smythson and start from scratch? Or perhaps we should reconcile ourselves that 2020 has been canceled and look forward to a packed 2021 calendar.

As we do our part to shelter in place, we checked in with notable Dallasites to hear how they’ve adjusted (or tried to adjust) to a new normal at home. They weren’t away in St. Barts during the recent spring break, but rather stayed home to ensure that we flatten the curve and support our front-line workers who selflessly are putting themselves in harm’s way every day.

So far, we’ve spoken with lifestyle guru Kim WhitmanZoe Bonnette; the handsome gent at Grange Hall, Vito Cammisano, who is always smiling and air-kissing us when we come in for our weekly lunch; and PR guru Suzanne Droese, who has gathered up friends who also specialize in media relations and brand-messaging expertise to assist any small business, founder, or start-up gratis during these challenging times.

Today, we have free-spirited freethinker Kristen Cole. The former Forty Five Ten president and chief creative officer has been sheltering at home with her husband and two young boys. Since leaving the helm of those luxury retail stores, she’s been busy home schooling, but she’s also been approached for some projects as she launches her fashion consulting and advisory firm. Coy Cole shared with me an exciting new partnership — but I was sworn to secrecy, as she hasn’t signed the contract yet.

Kristen Cole at home.

I love Cole’s brilliant mind and effortless style, so I definitely wanted to find out her answers to our questions. Reading them made me desperately want to have an Aperol spritz and enjoy a sunset cocktail with a friend.

PaperCity: Your quarantine playlist.
Kristen Cole: It starts with “Sad Day” by FKA Twigs, includes “Human Behavior” by Bjork, and wraps with “Its the End of The World (as we know it)” by R.E.M. It’s moody … for my many moods these days.

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What you’re binge-watching.
Cole: Curb Your Enthusiasm and Shrill.

If your life were currently a reality series, what would it be called?
Cole: One Day At A Time.

Are you doing anything productive? Closet edits, handwritten correspondence, starting a new business initiative/strategy, gardening …?
Cole: Meditation and creative thinking! (Also, homeschooling my children while school is out.)

Go-to recipes.
Cole: I’m making a Turmeric Tonic daily for myself and my husband. It’s good for immunity and tastes fine. Turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, hot water, and honey.

Where are you ordering for takeout? Favorite item from that place?
Cole: Pasta and pizzas from Nonna.

Fantasy moment: What is your dream takeout? No restaurant from around the globe or chef is off-limits.
Cole: I’d love something I can’t cook myself, like spicy, complex, flavorful Thai from Night Market in L.A. Their noodles with some cold white wine would be heaven.

If you were stranded somewhere else in the world, what would be your first choice (home away from home)?
Cole: Anywhere by the beach.

Have you indulged in any retail therapy? If so, what did you purchase online?
Cole: I’ve purchased vitamins, sweatpants, and books from my favorite independent bookstore in Austin, Book People. Support indie book shops!

Cocktail for the homebound.
Cole: Aperol spritz. Easy and refreshing and transports me away.

Games that are keeping you busy.
Cole: I’m playing chess daily with my son.

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