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Dallas Institution Tweaks Its Menu To Be More Foodie Friendly

BY // 10.21.15
photography Don Sias

Olivella’s has become a Dallas institution that rests on culinary laurels that include its signature pizza with truffle oil, speck (an Italian cured meat) and house-made mozzarella cheese. However, the Dallas restaurant’s moving on into new foodie territory by adding additional items to its Victory Park and Lakewood menus.

Diners can now look forward to new fare that includes an arugula salad enhanced by Roma and grape tomatoes, pesto and — lastly — burrata. A blend of mozzarella and cream, the latter is crafted by hand and offers the perfect accompaniment to spicy greens and pesto.

Additionally, the restaurant is adding two new piadinas, Neapolitan-style sandwiches to the menu. One includes the aforementioned house-made mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes and arugula. The other? Subtract the meat and arugula and add avocado, mixed greens and asparagus. Both are ideal as quick lunch items when you’re longing for a Euro-inspired meal.

Since many of Olivella’s items revolve around its mozzarella cheese, this deserves special attention. Namely, it’s consistently made on the premises, requires “stretching” by hand and bears no resemblance to those rubbery ovals that are mass-produced and found in chain stores. (If the mozzarella in your fridge pops back when you punch it, it’s nothing that folks in Rome would consider edible.)

The restaurant’s tiramisu — coming from the Italian for “pick me up” — it is aptly named but, more importantly, Olivella’s has the only version I’ve had that intimates why it has such a beloved international reputation. It’s light, it’s smooth — and the gastronomic experience isn’t overcome by the taste of coffee liquor.

Poached Pear
Poached Pear

A new style of crust has also come onboard. It’s a tad thicker than Neapolitan-style crust and allows ingredients to soak into the soft, warm dough, which then takes on the flavor of the “toppings.” And autumn weather is right on time for enjoying a dessert featuring poached pear with clove, cinnamon and star anise — and a small scoop of mascarpone.

Another new item, the Chocolate Salami, is chocolate rolled in a tube-like shape and accented with a variety of ingredients that vary on a daily basis. It, too, is topped with the ever-desirable mascarpone. Dive in at either the Lakewood or Vickery Meadow location to check out Olivella’s new iterations of Italian classics.

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