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Pondicheri’s Fried Chicken

BY // 06.10.15

Fried chicken can often be hit or miss, as it’s a classic that should be executed really well or not at all. Many restaurants don’t do it justice, but Indian favorite Pondicheri  is knocking this down-home delicacy out of the park. I’ve heard about Pondicheri’s Fried Chicken Tuesdays for a while now, and even though I visit the restaurant about twice a month, I hadn’t managed to get my hands on this dish until this week.

Owner and chef Anita Jaisinghani‘s spin on a fried chicken dinner is some kind of wonderful. Perfectly moist and crispy, the poultry is marinated for two days in a spiced yogurt concoction before being dipped in seasoned chickpea flour and fried. It’s served with a house salad, potatoes, pumpkin buns and a blend of yogurt sauce and cilantro chutney. Priced at $25, the dish is meant for two, but with six pieces of chicken and three sides, it could easily be divided among three. Insider tip: Try the chicken at lunchtime, because word around town is that it sells out on a regular basis during dinner service.



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