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Building a Stay-at-Home Life in Dallas — A Philanthropic Force Quarantines with Family During the Pandemic

Melinda Knowles Turns to MiCo Fajitas, Closet Edits, and Cocktails "Straight Up"

BY // 05.11.20

In an effort to discover how some of Dallas’ most notable names have been spending their time in quarantine, we’ve learned a lot. There’s Suzanne Droese, who has collaborated with other PR, marketing, and branding powerhouses around Dallas to assist businesses that are struggling during the pandemic. Or ‘80s It-Girl Cornelia Guest, whose dedication to foster animals has kicked into high gear during the pandemic. We’ve also played a fun game of Truth or Dare with Zoe Bonnette, who graciously put together an outfit using pieces she found on her husband’s side of the closet. (Props to a girl who can fashion a turban from a pair of shorts.) Today we have Melinda Knowles.

Knowles is known around town for volunteering for numerous nonprofits and chairing profitable fundraisers, often with a co-chair with whom she shares the initials “MK:” Maggie Cook-Kippe. Most notably, the wildly successful, albeit rain-soaked North Texas Food Bank’s Harvest 2018.

Knowles was also one of my first ever Bomb girls — I adored checking in with her to see what she’s up to as she does her part to flatten the curve. She’s staying home with her dashing husband, Mark, and their twins, Mark Jr. (home from Tulane) and Marguerite (home from St Andrews in Edinburgh). She’s keeping a bright smile and positive attitude but has confessed that her current state of affairs could be called “hair-mageddon.”

PaperCity: Your coronavirus playlist.
Melinda Knowles:
Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing!,” Enrique Iglesiass “Escape,” and The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” 

What you’re bing-watching.
Knowles: The Princess Weiyoung on Netflix. Prince Tuoba Jun is such a snack!

If your life were a reality series, what would it be called?


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Are you doing anything productive? Closet edits, handwritten correspondence, starting a new business initiative/strategy, gardening …?
Knowles: Closet edits, which are being mostly snapped up by my daughter, and working on my novel. Does anyone know a great agent?

Maggie Kipp, Melinda Knowles
Consistent co-chairs Maggie Kipp and Melinda Knowles.

Go to recipes.
Knowles: 1-800-UberEats.

Where you’re ordering take-out. Favorite item from each place?
Knowles: MiCo for fajitas, Honor Bar for the burger and fries, Hudson House for the Beverly salad. Which is why I’m joining Marguerite for her ballet work out every morning!

Fantasy moment: What is your dream take-out? No restaurant from around the globe or chef is off-limits.
Knowles: Take me to Cips Club at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice at sunset for the shrimp scampi and Campari and soda with a twist. Sigh …

Have you indulged in any retail therapy? If so, what did you purchase online?
Knowles: My husband reads PaperCity, so do you really think I would divulge such highly classified info? Let’s just say that Marguerite and I are doing our best to support Neiman Marcus.

Cocktail for the homebound.
Knowles: At times like these, with alcohol being such a marvelous antiseptic, straight up seems most advantageous.

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