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The Restaurants, Movies, and Cocktails a Dallas Philanthropist Relies on in Quarantine

How Kara Goss Shelters at Home

BY // 05.04.20

As we do our part to shelter in place, we checked in with notable Dallasites to hear how they’ve adjusted (or have tried to adjust) to a new normal at home. So far, we’ve spoken with edgy-chic Zoe Bonnette, a fixture on the arts scene; recent Dallas transplant and animal advocate Cornelia Guest; and PR guru Suzanne Droese, who has gathered up friends who also specialize in media relations and brand-messaging expertise to assist any small business, founder, or start-up gratis during these challenging times.

Today, we have the gorgeous and generous Kara Goss. Goss co-chaired, alongside Jennifer Karol, the annual Planned Parenthood fundraising luncheon, which was held mere days before the mandate to shelter in place was made. Like many, Goss has grown restless staring at the same walls (chic as they may be) day after day. But, to ensure that our first responders begin to see fewer new cases, she continues to stay in with her husband and daughter and … well, see below.

PaperCity: Your coronavirus playlist.
Kara Goss: Anything upbeat, but mostly George Michael and Elton John. I’ve had “Freedom! ’90” on repeat for the last few days.

What you’re binge-watching.
Older movies like Rear Window and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. We watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks and loved it. Pretty much every night, I rewatch a couple of episodes of Schitt’s Creek, Golden Girls, or The Mary Tyler Moore Show — I never get tired of them, no matter how many times I’ve seen them. Also, I’ve been binging on a podcast called You Must Remember This. Each episode discusses a secret or some forgotten story of old Hollywood; I listen as I work jigsaw puzzles and drink a glass of wine.

kara goss
Randall & Kara Goss

Anything productive you are doing — closet edits, handwritten correspondence, starting a new business initiative/strategy, gardening …
I’ve been cleaning out my closet and our home office. I’m also going for walks and working out a lot more (it’s really more for stress relief), though I think any potential positive physical transformation will be offset by all the extra carbs I’ve been eating. I’m not a gardener, but I have been carefully tending my Golden Girls chia pets.

Go-to recipes.
We keep it simple — roast chicken, grilled fish, pasta, pasta, pasta, and lots of steamed veggies. We’re cooking almost every night, which is unusual for us, so making things that are quick and/or can be reheated later makes it less labor intensive.

Where are you ordering for takeout? Favorite item from that place?
Drake’s honey truffle chicken is out of this world. Anything from Grange Hall is great, especially the soup. I’d encourage people to order from locally owned restaurants. I know some are even selling boxes of produce or cuts of meat that are as good if not better than from the market, and it helps them reduce unused inventory.

Fantasy moment: What is your dream takeout? No restaurant from around the globe or chef is off-limits.
I’m not really a foodie. For me, going out to eat is as much about the company and the atmosphere as the food, so takeout is all about convenience for me. There is this tiny, charming little restaurant in Paris (Chez l’Ami Jean) that serves incredible bread and pâté family style — and, by that, I mean you take what you want then pass it to whomever is at the next table and so on. Everything is delicious and unfussy, and I could spend hours sitting there. It wouldn’t be the same as takeout, though, obviously.

If you were stranded some other place in the world, what would be your first choice (home-away-from-home)?
Definitely some place with a lot of outdoor interest and natural beauty. Though it’s still cold there now, maybe Iceland. Endless places to hike and explore with no crowds. Just bundle up in front of a fire when you’re inside and watch the Northern lights.

Have you indulged in any retail therapy? What did you perhaps purchase online?
Yes, of course, though I’m trying to keep it to a minimum, which is challenging when I’m scrolling through Instagram several times a day. I bought a Staud cotton sundress in bright, happy pink. Even if I can’t go anywhere in it for a while, I can wear it in my backyard. Maybe I’ll ask my husband to bring me a cocktail, throw on some oversized sunglasses, and pretend I’m on vacation!

Cocktail for the homebound.
Husband drinks a dry martini with olives, and I look forward to a glass (or maybe more) of Sauvignon Blanc every night. If we have tequila, Topo Chico, and limes in the house, ranch water is the way to go.

Games that are keeping you busy.
My daughter and I constantly have a jigsaw puzzle in progress. I always enjoy beating Randall, my husband, at gin rummy.

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