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How Park House Proprietress Deborah Scott Shelters at Home

Custom Playlists and White Claw Pong for the Jumpsuit-Loving Jet-Setter

BY // 05.05.20

As we do our part to shelter in place, we checked in with notable Dallasites to hear how they’ve adjusted (or have tried to adjust) to a new normal at home. So far, we’ve spoken with edgy-chic Zoe Bonnette, a fixture on the arts scene; recent Dallas transplant and animal advocate Cornelia Guest, and philanthropist Kara Goss, whose newfound devotion to her Golden Girls chia pets is nothing short of admirable.

Today, we have the jet-setter in jumpsuits (@jumpsuitfetish), proprietress of the members-only club Park House, and devoted wife and mother — Deborah Scott. I first met this New Zealand native back in 2006 when she was part of the Dallas Museum of Art’s Junior Associates. Ever since, she’s been a go-to for fun. She and her husband, John Scott (both on my 2019 Best Dressed List), are known for their parties that gather an eclectic mix of artists, gallerists, and entrepreneurs. Hopefully one day soon we’ll be back, ponied up (perhaps six feet apart) at the stunning orange bar in their Highland Park home.


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Serious clean up work called for a workout onesie! #allinone #jumpsuit #leafblowingfun #workinginaonesie #jumpsuitfetish #papercitydallas

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PaperCity: Your coronavirus playlist.
Deborah Scott: DJ Souljah just made a bunch of playlists for Park House, but two of the best are the Après Ski playlist for our canceled party this year and the other in my honor. Listening to them both constantly right now.

What you’re binge-watching.
Very excited that Ozark is back on. And watching a ton of fun stuff with my college-age daughters. Loving Next In Fashion and, of course, I hate to admit, a little binge-watching of the Kardashians. I am just in awe of their booties!

 If your life were currently a reality series, it would be called …
Life in a Onesie! Or Kiwi Trailer Trash

Anything productive you’re doing — closet edits, handwritten correspondence, starting a new business initiative/strategy, gardening …
I have two coffee-table-book concepts in the works with my agent and should be using this time to really work on the business plans. And I must also tidy my office, but I keep procrastinating, as I know I have weeks of this quarantine ahead of me.

Go-to recipes.
We have done a bit of cooking out of the South Beach Diet cookbook. Love the turkey Parmesan, and I make a not-so-healthy chicken pot pie!

Where you’re ordering take-out. Favorite item from that place?
Ordering from all over, but mostly Asian. It’s our morning family debate  — what we’ll order for lunch or dinner.

Fantasy moment: What is your dream takeout? No restaurant from around the globe or chef is off-limits.
(1) There is nothing better than fresh fish and chips from New Zealand, wrapped in newspaper and eaten with your fingers on the beach. (2) I also love the king crab in ponzu sauce from Nobu. (3) My kids would die for the lobster tacos at SipSip in Harbour Island. (4) And, not to be forgotten, the Brussels sprouts from Park House.

If you were stranded somewhere else in their world, what would be your first choice (home-away-from-home)?
Either New Zealand or our house in Aspen, which unfortunately became an early hotbed for the coronavirus. At least you could be outside all day in both places.

Have you indulged in any retail therapy? What did you perhaps purchase online?
I just can’t resist all these jumpsuits on sale. I am such a sucker for a sale, and all these 25-percent-off emails are so hard for me to ignore.

Cocktail for the homebound.
Our exciting outing last weekend was a trip to the Drive Thru Daiquiri place for a selection of drinks with pretty crazy names, followed by a game of White Claw Pong.

Games that are keeping you busy. 

Taking fun action jumpsuit shots for my Insta. My fam is sick of taking the photos. I’m realizing that we have a lot of activities at our house — ping-pong, foosball, cornhole, billiards, swimming — so we’ve been playing in our own space. Plus, a bit of puzzling. Waiting on some gorgeous Jonathan Adler ones to arrive.

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